Orvibo MixPad D1 Driver?

Does anyone know how i can connect my Orbivo MixPad D1 smart switch / home controller to ST? Is there a driver somewhere I can use? Any idea? I am new to this.

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That’s a cool device, but very new, and I haven’t seen an edge driver yet.

It’s supposed to get Matter support through a firmware update in a few months. Unless there happens to be a community member who picks one up earlier and decides to do a custom driver, you may need to wait for Matter support for basic integration. :thinking:

Meanwhile, in some countries you should be able to get partial integration through Alexa routines, not SmartThings routines. It’s a little tricky to set up, but basically anything you can tell Alexa on a different device (like an echo dot) to do with the mixpad you could also start from a SmartThings routine, but you can’t get information from the mixpad, like weather, to display in the smartthings app. So, like I said, just a partial integration.

Here’s the faq for that process

FAQ: Can I trigger an Echo Action without Speaking to It?

Thanks for the information. I will try and see if I can create a routine with Alexa to handle this device.
I also (probably a mistake) bought several Orro One Smart Home Controllers, which are SmartThings compatible. The company went out of business, and when configuring to link with ST, there’s a broken link that takes me nowhere.
Any idea how can I add those to my ST hub?

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Oh! That’s a very cool device! Makes me wish I hadn’t already replaced most of the switches in my house!

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Unfortunately that was a cloud to cloud integration. With the company apparently shutting down operations, the cloud may be gone. No cloud, no integration. :disappointed_relieved:


Hey folks, I just bought a few of these, and they’re Wifi out of the box but they’re now ready for a Matter update, which you can do from the mixpad itself. enjoy!