Orro One Switch

I got carried out with all the bells and whistles of the “revolutionary” Orro One smart home switch and bought a bunch of them to control my house.
Now I realize that the company went out of business and i am lost in the dark.
When i try configuring those things to integrate into my ST environment, the link is broken and i don’t get to connect them.
Is there any way i can get to connect them with ST? They did connect with the Alexa app though.
Please help me get them going with ST.

They were a pretty solution for a single gang light switch with a touchscreen, but sadly shows there just isn’t much of a market for these things outside of the larger ecosystems like C4.

Unfortunately while it looks like they had planned to open up their local API to the public, it never went farther than a beta that you needed enabled and a developer key. Before they shutdown if they just enabled the local API on all devices perhaps it would be possible to write an Edge driver to communicate with them locally, but it doesn’t sound like this happened (and you’d probably need yours online to update during this period.)

Could you connect Orro thru IFTTT still? Then tie IFTTT to ST (although there are/were some issues with new integrations on IFTTT<->ST not working and IFTTT support was working on it…)