Tapo S210 and S220 switches

Hi All,
First post here, starting to set up a ‘proper’ smarthome as opposed to some bulbs hanging off Alexa. I recently purchased a number of Tapo switches and hub thinking that I could use them in my smart home using ST as my controlling hub – hoping to be able to run automation through ST on other devices. Linking my Tapo account to ST I can see the switches and I can turn them off and on from the ST app but the state of the switch isn’t updated to ST when physically pressed, any ideas anyone? is this a question for ST or Tapo - or does it fall down the cracks in the middle?

I even looked at having Virtual Buttons through IFTTT in Alexa affecting a virtual device from ST - which I think would work - but I’m not paying for it…which is where I ended up £5 a month for 3 buttons I think it was daylight robbery. Any other ideas people might have to make use of them? rather than the expensive paperweights on my desk at the moment.

Cheers Nick.

Since SmartThings published its API over a year ago, it is now the responsibility of the individual device manufacturers to create and maintain their integrations. There are only a few exceptions, and Tapo is not one of them, so you would need to get in touch with their support.

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A possible work around until this gets solved is to use Google Home routines to update you devices in ST. It is free and no physical device is needed.

This works good for some platforms like Tuya/SmartLife, but it doesn’t work good on some other platform. I have no clue how it would work with Tado.

I put in short time delays to prevent looping.

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Thanks for the idea @Paul_Oliver, tried it out but the Tapo switches don’t notify Google Home of a physical change in state either - the only one that seems to react is Alexa - and without virtual buttons (which from what I can see are chargeable) I can’t set a reaction to that change in state.