N00b needs help with setup and intergration

Hello ST community,

I recently purchased a ST hub and a couple of sensors. I have a motion sensor and a door sensor. both were really easy to setup. I tried to connect a Lutron light dimmer/controller and found out it didn’t pair with the ST hub. I imagane there is a way but didn’t have time to mess with it. I was wanting the door to control the light.

I then started looking at products that were in the “market” area of the app. I don’t really like the cameras that are available and am wondering if I can use a IP camera and how to connect it to the hub.

Thanks for your help


Lutron is not compatible with SmartThings. They use a proprietary protocol, hub, etc. Leviton, GE, and many other brands are. Non-supported IP cameras have limited interfacing. Get a supported camera if you want to view video in the ST app.


Thanks Jimmy,

Seeing how I am so new to ST I am wondering how it is better than the Micasaverde line of hubs. I don’t know for sure but it seems there hub will intergrate with any IP/Zwave/Zigbee. products.



Can read up on that here

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SmartThings does cloud to cloud integrations better than vera, because vera doesn’t have a cloud. So Amazon echo, google home, IFTTT–even Harmony. The SmartThings architecture is really easy to manage for a cloud to cloud integration.

Vera uses the Internet to set up the account initially, but after that it’s really intended for local operation. Which is great for situations where everything else Is a device in your own house. But it’s just hard to fit cloud services into the mix without adding an additional server device.

So they both have pluses and minuses, just depends on what your own needs and priorities are.

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