Smartthings Edge and Alexa integration support

I have been using my Smartthings hub along with Alexa for quite a while now. Alexa uses the Smartthings skill and I have created many virtual switches using the Alexa DHT. I am converting all of these VSs to Edge and this working fine so far. All of zigbee devices are directly connected to the ST hub but are visible within Alexa via the ST skill. Will I be able to maintain this Alexa/ST integration going forward? If so, what do I need to do to ensure continuity during the overall ST migration to edge?

Other than converting all your virtual devices, the only problem you will see with Alexa during the Edge transition is multi-component devices (double switches, power strips, etc.). The sub-devices aren’t exposed to Alexa for Edge drivers.

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The integration between ST and Alexa is broken since I was hit by a ST firmware upgrade.
All the virtual switches that were used to trigger routines in Alexa are broken.
When I create new virtual switches in ST then Alexa detects them, however I can not use them as triggers for an Alexa routine since Alexa only allows for sensors to be used as triggers.
When I create virtual O/C sensors in ST then Alexa detects them however I can not change the state of the sensors using a ST Automation.
So I’m stuck.
The DTH that was used before I was force to use edge drivers would show in ST as a switch and in Alexa as an O/C sensor.
Any idea how I can do the same with edge drivers?

@TAustin gave us 2, each depending on your needs, excellent solutions to the Alexa virtual trigger last month.

You might find it useful to read this thread.

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Taustin rocks.
I’m using the multi trigger and got things to work.
Well, actually things are starting to work, since I have to rebuild all the routines because I have to create all new triggers.

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