Online devices shown as offline (Meross)

Hello Smartthings Community,

I’m new to this and just bought some smart plugs by Meross from Amazon. Now the thing is that every now and then some random devices are shown as offline in Smartthings. In the Meross App it alll works perfectly. If I change the status of the device in the Meross app, Smartthings suddenly corrects its behavior and the status is shown correctly. I also noticed this issue with my Samsung Smart TV.

Does anyone know this issue?


I have this issue when I first add a Meross item, or if I lose power. They can all be reconnected at one time by going to add a new device by brand, Meross, and hit Link Account. It will reset the connection.

Many users have been reporting that the State of Meross devices does not update in the ST app when controlled from other platforms (Meross app, Apple Home, etc).

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