Meross smart plug missing from Smartthings

Hi all, my first post, so apologies if it’s in the wrong area or incorrectly tagged.

I bought a Smartthings v3 hub at the same time as a panel and these have been working together perfectly for about 5 weeks - really happy with the apps and integrations.

I already had some TP-Link outlets which work great and bought some Meross outlets, which I managed to add to Smartthings. The process of adding those did seem to destroy the room allocations I’d setup though, but that was easily fixed in 5 minutes.

The problem I’m having at the moment is re-discovering the Meross plugs after I removed them from the Smartthings app (I was trying to rename something and got in a bit of a pickle IIRC).

Anybody else come across this problem and found a fix?

Assuming you went through the add device process again for Meross and that process didn’t work, the only thoughts are:

  1. remove the meross integration in menu > settings > connected services and add it back again. Yes, it wipes out all your meross devices when you remove the integration.
  2. wait and see if they show up later (6-24 hours)
  3. contact ST or Meross support.

Thanks jkp, the first option sorted it :+1: