Meross bulbs not consistently connecting to ST

Hi there,

I’m pretty new to the ST world, but I’ve had the opportunity to set up webcore to code some stuff that the ST app won’t allow for.

I’ve come against an issue where my bulb status for some of my Meross bulbs are not updating in the App, and therefore are not triggering my webcore automations. When I go to control the bulb in the ST app, it gives me an error “A network or server error occurred. Try again later.” Also, all of the meross devices in IDE are showing as Inactive (I have bulbs and outlets).

I called Samsung, but they were unable to help me since only Meross outlets are supported, not Meross bulbs.

I have a feeling this may be related to me deleting a meross device (an outlet) early on in my setup; I’ve since not been able to reconfigure that device.

I was looking up this post and thought it might be similar:

Please help!

I’m having a similar issue. Added Meross outlet through the app and it’s not showing up in the app, however it is showing up in the IDE, just with “inactive” status, same as you. Did you get your issue resolved?

Same here. the customer service says as long as it works on their app, DON’t complain. :frowning_face:

Never got it resolved. I’ve since moved my smart home to home assistant, works fine there.

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