Meross smart plug integration issues (model = MSS310) : *** RESOLVED ***

Created a new topic for clarity from my earlier posts to see if anyone else can help?

Had similar problems to @stephendy and others. My fix was to delete the Meross Smartapp in ST Classic app, go back to ST new app and reinstall Meross sockets as per instructions. All appear in ST new app. Go to ST Classic --> Manage Favourites, activate the Meross devices - sorted. The trouble starts when you restart the Smartapp in Classic, so don’t. Otherwise the sockets work great - set timers in ST new app no problem. Control on/off from both apps and Meross app. Great product, great price

UPDATE - no longer working! The Meross app works fine on my two plugs but ST no longer controls them - if you click on the plug in ST Classic to switch on it shows the icon with a message “Turning On” and then doesn’t. I’ve deleted the Smartapp in Classic and reinstalled the plugs in ST new app and everything now works OK. Will update further …

PS just been having a read of some of the other posts here so see also @pavichokche for similar issues and potential fix.

If you read my posts on the previous topic you would have seen that Meross are aware of this and working on it. This is the message I got from a support person of theirs:

We are sorry for the trouble happened, honestly we also noticed this issue, and our RD team is working on fixing it. Meanwhile, please know that Smartthings has two coding system and we are trying to integrate meross to the new system which might be time consuming.

Since then I followed up with them on this and was told the following:
“We released the beta version last week, and now it’s in testing procedure, once pass it, we will release it to user end officially.”

So just wait patiently and keep re-connecting the service whenever it breaks, OR use my instructions in this post to be able to use your sockets reliably in SmartThings:


Thanks @pavichokche - I’ll have to wait in that case! Hopefully Meross get a solution soon

Meross Smart Plug MSS310 native integration RESOLVED. Message back from Meross support as follows which fixes the problem in ST Classic and the new App. Tested on my setup and works - delete the devices in ST new App and then reconfigure using the Meross device in ST. For Classic users - setup in ST new App first and then go to ST Classic and activate in Manage Favourites. All works fine.

"We have already fixed the control issue on ST, please unlink and link meross account to see if that makes any difference? at the same time you can also create a new room on ST to check. "