Older Z-Wave Wall Plugs

Hi there,

I have several 7 year old 120 v dual electrical plugs in wall.

These were sold by Home Depot and are probably of the Commercial Electric/GE variety.
I would like to connect the to Smarthings Hub.

Do I need to open up the plugs and find a specific make and model, or is there another way of adding them via device discovery or?



There is an option to “Scan Nearby” to discover devices. The device(s) need to be in pairing mode so you will need to know how to do that for each device. In the new architecture, ST hubs use local device drivers called Edge drivers that allow your hub to communicate with the device. The stock ST driver may or may not support all functions and features of your device, if it supports the device at all. There may also be a community developed driver that supports it or adds additional features, but we would need to know the specific manufacturer and model to be able to make a recommendation.

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It’s unlikely that you’ll need a custom edge driver. These should pair as a basic Z wave switch since all they do is on/off for one outlet anyway.

But there is the issue of getting them into “pairing mode“ and as @h0ckeysk8er mentioned you are probably going to have to do a general exclude so that they clear the network information of whatever previous zwave hub they belonged to and become ready to pair to your current hub.

After you’ve done that, the following instructions might help, they work with most of the older GE z wave outlets.

(This assumes that there is a visible button on the outlet that you can press to turn the Z wave receptacle on and off)

The only difference is that you can probably just do a “scan nearby“ instead of looking for the specific GE model.

GE/Jasco 12721 Outlet pairing tip

One more thought… On some of these models, but not all, there was a button press pattern that you had to use to get them to accept the exclusion.

You needed to press the button three times quickly, then hold it for at least five seconds and the LED on the outlet should start blinking five times. At that point you have 30 seconds to issue the general exclude from SmartThings.

You can try that, it won’t hurt anything if you have a different model.


I forgot to mention that the model numbers for these are usually on the back of the device, and I am hesitant to pull anything that hold out of the wall if it’s not absolutely necessary. :thinking: