Old routines still run after migration

My routines got migrated to automations in the new app. I changed an automation to run 5 minutes later in the new app, and now it runs at the original time and the new time. So it seems routines in the old app still run even though you cannot edit them. I went into the old app and deleted all of my routines, hopefully it takes care of that issue.

If you clicked on the migration banner in the app, your classic app routines were converted to a combination of scenes and automations in the new app. You also have to go through all the scenes and automations you have in the NEW app and delete any you no longer want.

Use the 3 horizontal line icon in the top left of the home screen in the new app to get to the list of existing ones.

sorry that’s not what’s happening here. I changed one of the migrated routines to run at a different time in the new app, but it is still running at the old time as well.

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It sounds like the migration failed to delete the old routines. Very annoying. :rage:

Will the routines be removed when you uninstall the classic app?
Should we uninstall immediately?

I’m also having a problem where my scenes continue to run, but don’t show up anywhere. They’re not in the new app nor the home app. How can I clear these??

Me too: many simple routines (lights on at dusk) failed to migrate and continue to run.
Should we MANUALLY use the faster, less promotional Classic App to delete all these before they become Limbo Routines?
( new app is far slower and less efficient but I can sure get to the marketplace…)

Thnx JKP, very much.
I wish they’d have a wide notification of such.
Frankly, given the migration efficiency, I won’t depend on ST to accomplish it. I’ll delete them ASAP.
Thanks again,

I think mine are still running. Is there any way to get rid of them? They are not showing up in the new app

I have a routine that is still running and controlling my iHome brand smart plugs. Nothing I have tried so far will stop the routines.