Do I still need to migrate?

Can someone help me with this I started using the new SmartThings app months but still kept the old app installed… I actually find it easier to use. A while back I started getting emails to migrate and in fact the old app says ‘Migrate this location’.

When I started using the new app all my devices were already there so do I still need to migrate?

Have you migrated your existing SHM and routines if you used them in the Classic app?

I don’t remember doing any migrating when I first started using using the new app all my routines were just there. My old app does want me to still migrate though?

I am unclear what you are saying. Routines only exist in the Classic app so if you created any Routines, you would need to set them up as Automations or scenes or combination of both in the new app. Same for Smart home Monitor in the Classic app and any SHM rules you may have created. In the new app, you would use SmartThings Home Monitor which is a completely separate smartapp. Once you set up your new automations, scenes, and STHM… you can remove any existing routines and SHM rules and then remove SHM in the Classic app.

Also, set up location services in the new app if you want to use presence.

Ok this maybe over my head if I need to switch my Routines over to Automations in the new app… what if I don’t will they still work?

So I would have to setup my Schlage door lock Routine when to lock & when to unlock in Automations?

I have a motion detector in my hallway that I only active between certain hours would I have to set it up in Automations

When the Classic app is phased out by the end of the year, your Routines should cease to function.

Yes… you would need to use Automations or in combination with scenes.

Yes you should be able to accomplish this.


Ok I did the migration and it already shows under both Scenes & Automation my Schlage lock set to lock & unlock at specific times. It did not have anything for my hallway motion detector so I muddled through creating an Automation… I’ll have to see tonight if it works.

I do think this new app is much harder to navigate and create Automations or at least for me.

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