Timers in Classic still running in new app

I have migrated to the new Smartthings app. All is pretty well, except that some device timers are still running off the old Classic schedule, I can see them in the history section. I see no way to delete them. Suggestions?

What were you using for these timers… routines, smart lighting, shm custom alerts or some other smartapp? Have you run the migration utility yet?

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Yes, I ran the migration, everything seems to run fine. The timers were individual, turn light on at certain time, off at at a certain time. Those are ones that still seem to be there. The routines, scenes etc. work with no problems.

You can delete them from the IDE under smartapps if you want.

Thank you, I will try that. The solution I received from SmartThings was not helpful. I wasn’t sure if I could edit timers in the IDE, so I will look at that. I assumed that individual device on/ off times would either go away or be configurable in the new app, instead I can’t see them, but they sure seem to working.

Just to be clear, you can’t edit old Classic routines in the IDE. You can only delete. Are you sure they are running via old routines in Classic and not new automations that were created via your migration? Have you check the Automations menu in the new app?

They are not automations or scenes in the new app and not routines in Classic, just simple turn on/off at a certain time. They are acting like ghosts and conflicting with new automations that I have. I will try deleting from the IDE.

If they aren’t automations and they aren’t routines, then what are they? If it’s smart lighting automations, then those did not require migration and can be updated from the SmartApps menu.

Thank you! That is what I was missing, the Lighting Smart app. Now I see what to do. Many thanks again.

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