Manually moved to new app, where are my routines?

I have a bunch of routines that I had in my old app, when I move to the new app I see nothing under automation (which is where I assume I’d find them). Are thy somewhere else? Or do they not migrate??

Looking in menu (3 bars in the upper left of the screen) and select Automations?

Routines no longer exist in the new app. They’ve been split into Automations and Scenes. If they didn’t migrate you can recreate them using Scenes (groups of actions) and Automations (trigger rules and actions which can run scenes)

Yea, scenes & automation are both empty for me.

Did you run the migration tool in the Classic app and did it run without any errors?

I am just running them side-by-side. I have not migrated my location over yet.

In that case, you cannot see Routines in the new app. They don’t exist there. Just like new app Automations don’t exist in the Classic app.

After you migrate, your Routines will be replaced by Scenes & Automations in the new app.


gotcha. Thanks!

OK, all looks good.

But I really don’t get the difference between scenes & automation.

My routines were looks like they are broken up into two things; scene (something that is done) and automation which controls when that happens. Is that a fair description?

Is there good documentation somewhere that explains this new stuff?