Update on SmartThings Classic Shutdown

Update for Wednesday, December 9, 2020

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Beginning tomorrow, Dec 1, 2020, SmartThings will start shutting down the APIs and backend systems that support the Classic app. After tomorrow, users who have not migrated to the new app yet will experience significant disruptions. To ensure a predictable impact to users who have not migrated to our new app, SmartThings will take the following actions:

Routines - all unmigrated Routines will be deleted and cease working. Routines have become Scenes and Automations in the new app. Once Classic is shutdown, there will no longer be any options to control or edit Routines. To prevent unpredictable behavior at customers Locations, any schedules and subscriptions associated with remaining Routines will be stopped and the Routines will be permanently deleted.

Smart Home Monitor (SHM) - all active incidents will be cleared and all SHM settings will be deleted. SHM has been updated for the new app and is now called SmartThings Home Monitor (STHM). Once Classic is shutdown, customers will lose the ability to control SHM. In order to prevent a loss of control over incidents and settings, SHM incidents will be cleared and settings will be deleted in unmigrated Locations.

Lock Code Management - existing lock codes continue functioning locally on door lock devices and all Lock Code Management instances will be deleted. In countries where it is permitted, customers can use Smart Lock Guest Access to manage their locks. Lock codes previously managed in Classic will be stored locally on lock devices and can be edited through those devices native apps.

SmartThings Accounts that have not migrated to a Samsung Account will permanently lose access to their Locations. The new SmartThings app is designed to comply with global privacy regulations and requires the use of a Samsung Account. Beginning in 2018, SmartThings asked customers to migrate to Samsung Accounts to facilitate this compliance. Once the Classic app is shutdown, customers who have not migrated will permanently lose access to their SmartThings Accounts, Locations, Data and Devices. SmartThings is required to delete all user data within 30 days to comply with global privacy regulations, meaning these users must re-register with a Samsung account and rebuild their Locations in order to continue using SmartThings.

Thank you again to our users for your support through this transition. Please keep the feedback coming so we can continue to improve the experience in the new SmartThings app.

-The SmartThings Team


RIP, ST Classic App…


I appreciate this level of detail, thanks. :sunglasses:

Is there a list of which specific countries allow (or disallow)

SmartThings Home Monitor
Smart Lock Guest Access


We’ll get that added to the post.

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JD, better get ready buddy , things are likely to get lively round here


Something has changed, it shows up in my app. And I have a UK account.

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it was expanded to Great Britain and Canada recently.


Is this the end of the IDE or not yet? By the way what’s replacing the IDE? @blake.arnold

I thought this announcement might go down like a cup of cold sick in some quarters, but it seems to have been met largely with indifference so far. I wonder if I’ll be able to say the same in the morning.


resigned indifference.


Is it really done this time? The classic app shutdown is reminding me of a Kiss or Motley Crue farewell tour

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No - the IDE isn’t going anywhere for now. We’ll give plenty of heads up before that happens.

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I mean, the fans keep coming to the concerts, so is it the band’s fault or the fans…just sayin’ :slight_smile:


Also just saying, the band ain’t what it used to be, half there instruments are missing and some of the members left, the band sounded perfect before now it sounds … less so


Blake, I’ll be blunt, this info should have been added as soon as the new App got release, a list of SmartApps with the countries that support them,

That has been a PITA to try and guess who has access to what SmartApp (and dont get me started on seeing products overseas saying ‘works with SmartThins’, but the SmartApp you need to fully use it ain’t there like the Speaker companion).

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Here’s what i’ve somewhat gathered so far for countries (no guarantee on accuracy):

Smart Lock Guest Access: CA,GB,US

SmartThings Home Monitor (also restricted by hub): Global minus China

HomeCare Wizard: “CA”,“KR”,“MX”, “US”,

Smart Lighting: “CA”,“CL”,“DE”, “ES”, “GB”,“IE”, “IT”, “MX”,“SG”, “US”


SmartThings Air: KR

Smart Energy: KR, GB (Bulb)

SmartThings Find: Global Minus China and Japan


@blake.arnold so can we get smartthings air in the USA…I have two of the air purifier units but can’t use the smartapp

I’ve just come across this and I’m in Australia and can’t sign into my Smart Things app on my phone to control my Samsung TV. Is it anything to do with this?

I am new here and just bought Samsung TV. I tried to use SmartThings app to pair my other devices to Tv, but the SmartThings app will not connect to their server. Is there a replacement app for the SmartThings app?

JWhat’s the make and model of your TV?