Migrated to new App from Classic now no scenes or automations

After migrating, my routines and scenes are not shown in the new App. However, they seem to continue to function. How can I get them to show up? The Smart Apps did migrate and all devices seem good.

Routines in the Classic would be converted to automations/scenes in the new app. There are no routines in the new app.

first place to look, click on the menu (3 bars in the upper left of the screen) and look in both sections for Automations and Scenes.

If neither show there, you may want to contact ST support.

Right nothing shows there, but I see my lights shutoff automatically at night so they must be still running.

and the migration tool showed the migration as successful and no errors? were you using Smart Lights?

I don’t remember seeing any errors. I use the SmartApp, Smart Lighting. That transferred over. I had a lot of other routines for turning lights on an off, switches control by temp sensors, etc. It seems to still be running, just not shown, so I can’t edit.

Smart Lighting still shows up under SmartApps. It’s possible you’ll find some of the configuration in there.

Thanks for the suggestion. I can edit and configure my one automation in the Smart Lighting. It is all the other ones I had as Routines and Scenes that no longer show up. However, they still exist somewhere. Is it possible to download the old Smart Things Classic and see if somehow they still exist there?

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to answer my own question, yes you can download the classic version, but since it migrated already, nothing is there.

Contact ST support and see what they say

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