Official Google Nest Integration (January 2021)

Doesn’t seem to work for me on the TV. Linked my google account and the cameras appear in SmartThings app but no video feed ever loads. This is on a Samsung Frame TV. I’ve raised a support ticket. Really hope they can sort it. But if anyone has any ideas…

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Yes. That changes the tile names and also is used when saving snapshots. So that’s good.

But what’s displayed when I look at the Linked Service is the names as imported.

When I click thru to the Google Nest Partner Connection Manager the names are correct, which is to be expected.

I don’t guess the Service page is doing anything useful.

Wow, I waited so long for this integration only for it not to work with webcore? It’s basically useless to me…


Same… 2020 Frame tv. Added nest doorbell only to come up as blank. Frustrating!

I was able to add my cameras, but not my Thermostat, any suggestions?

After reaching out to Nest customer service via live chat, I was able to solve my own issue. If you don’t have some devices showing up in SmartThings that should, it’s most likely a cache issue on your phone. I was able to resolve the issue by restarting my Thermostat (by pressing it down for 10 seconds) and reinstalling the following apps: SmartThings, Nest, Google Home. Once I re-logged into each app and re-synced Nest with SmartThings, all of my devices appeared as expected. Hope this helps other people! :slight_smile:

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For those using the hello doorbell… Does every instance of motion trigger automations or does it still have a 15 min cooldown period where no motion event is sent (like with the old nst manager)?

Every instance of motion is triggering an automation.

What’s more is that the slightest motion is triggering motion Automations. It’s getting really annoying. They need to enable “Person” triggers instead. I have an automation to turn on my porch light if the doorbell detects motion. I’d prefer it to trigger if it detects a person, but it’s triggering on all motion (scattered light, bushes rustling in the wind, etc).

It also doesn’t seem to respect the “Motion Duration” setting in Automations. It will trigger on all motion no matter how short.

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Same here - I tried Actions in SmartThings app to check if some sort of ‘Show Camera’ was available as an action (to be done to the fridge) but the only options were ‘Powercool’ and ‘Powerfreeze’ :joy:

And there is no way to see my Nest devices from the fridge screen either… what a waste

Can you tell me what you did to get the Alexa part working?

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Hi Nick, what I did was create a virtual momentary button in SmartThings which shows up in Alexa natively as a contact sensor. So when the doorbell goes off, an automation in SmartThings simultaneously presses the momentary button and then you can get Alexa to run a routine.

The routine is announce and if you also have an echo show, you can use the “customised” Alexa routine action and type “show me the front door”.

Works perfectly for me! Let me know if you need any further details or help.




I had Nest thermostats in my previous house. When I sold it and bought a new one, I picked up Ecobee’s since they worked in ST. I prefer the Nest thermostats, oh well. Do the best protects show up? We have 8 of those and numerous cameras. Would be doll to utilize the motion on some of our protests. Or use them as smoke sensors in ST.

No the protects don’t work with this integration. And you can use yves’ integration to get them but I wouldn’t rely on them as a motion sensor for lights and such because the api poll is every minute.

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I see no mention of nest x yale

Is it not integrated?

cams, doorbell and thermostats are the only items supported so far

You restored my faith in the tier 1 customer service troubleshooting :grin::+1: Nest thermostat wasn’t showing up and by reseting all the apps and reboot the thermostat it worked.

I’m trying to get these devices to show up in my Home Assistant integration. All other devices show, except for these new Nest products. Anyone have any tips or even just to explain why they might be different from every other product?


They will not work with groovy smartapps

They don’t work with any outside apps or APIs, even the new APIs. Seems Nest and/or SmartThings have it locked down to work within only SmartThings official apps.

Was anyone able to get a temperature reading not just from the thermostat itself but from the additional temperature sensor?

This one