Nest integration now available

I’m sure a lot of us have noticed Nest is now available, @jkp has added them to the device list i noticed as well

How is everyone finding it ?

My camera has been a nightmare, needed to move to a Gmail account, jumped through the hoops, two factor authentication needed, never received a code via email, tried several times and gave up

How is everyone else fairing ?

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Thanks for the heads up.

So far, so good, i got ST showing all my Nest devices and they all seem to work too :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, the devices DO NOT show up in the IDE, so they cannot be controlled via WebCore.

Always something…

I have the Nest Hub Max, which can be used as motion detection in automations…

I attempted a simple motion detected = light on which at best had a 10 second delay, there also seems to be a delay in how often motion is triggered.

My Nest Thermostat e seems to be working well though

Do you mean nest speakers are working?

What are all your nest products? Have you got nest speakers working? If yes how did you do? Chromecast too?

I have these 3 working: Nest Hub Max, Nest Hello and Nest Thermostat. I don’t think anything else Nest in my house is supported (Nest Protect or Nest Audio)

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Awesome…in what category is nest hub max in ST. In speakers i only get bose and sonos!

I tried to add a new device by brand and selected Nest. On the next screen it then showed all my Nest compatible devices and I then had to give access to ST for each type. I didn’t have to do them individually.

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It has been a few hours now, I’d imagine someone somewhere is drowning in virtual devices as they work around this.


Is it likely they will show up or is this just how it’s going to be?

If they don’t show their status in Event Logger or manageable through WebCore I’m worse off than the virtual switch -> IFTT solution I had before.

Is this just because it’s new?


Does the Hub Max show up as a camera only?

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The Nest Hub Max is for Camera and Motion/Sound sensing only… No speaker functionality unfortunately

Nest Hub Max

Thermostat E

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For automation triggers I get:

Nest Hub Max

Nest Thermostat

For Automation Actions I get temperature and mode for the Thermostat but nothing for the Hub Max, so would seem we can not use the camera for an image on notifications etc.

Do nest room sensors integrate? Also, regarding the lack of Groovy IDE, can you use a nest camera motion event in Smart Lighting?

It doesn’t appear so.

I’m wondering if this another Withings-type roll out, lol. ie, not ready.

hmm, I don’t think it’s the same as Withings. I think it’s potentially a whole new type of rollout…new backend environment only (i.e. doesn’t work with Groovy at all).

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Probably right. But it doesn’t seem you can do a whole lot right now. There’s not even an on/off for cameras. I’m not getting any live feeds either.

I am getting live feeds however there is around a 3 second delay

My attempts have been woefull
Forgot nest password so reset
No problem, received email at a account
Tried to log into camera but nest wants to send verification email
Tried 30 times, no email received
Tried to migrate
No problem there
Tried to add camera, camera needs to be removed from previous account
Can’t access that account because no verification email received
Sometimes it just ain’t meant to be
Given up now , camera headed for cupboard