Adding Nest Thermostat

Im new to Smart Things as I just got my hub yesterday from Best Buy. So far I have connected my Yale Door Lock and Dimmer light to the hub along with alexa and google. I’m super lazy now and tell alexa to turn off my light when i go to bed. I was wondering how can I connect my thermostat to the hub as I see something in create device online but not sure what to for device network ID. I tried searching around but didn’t find much information on this. If someone could please point me in the right direction that would be great Thanks!

You might try sharing what brand and model of thermostat you have. I’m not sure anyone can help without that information.

installation guide can be found at the bottom of the 1st post in the following thread.

If you use the NST Manager I hope you have more luck than me. It doesn’t work for me and I can’t find out why.


Will your dh work with the new changes? Ie the closure of works with nest that has just been announced?

See my response here:

Bugger! Loads of people will be affected!

But there are outages…

May 2019: 12 outages (so far)
April 2019: 15 outages
March 2019: 11 outages
February 2019: 17 outages
January 2019: 14 outages


Those temporary outages don’t affect any schedules set at the thermostat.

Also, for automation purposes, with My Ecobee device, any failed commands can be "replayed’ in the next hour window after a ST or ecobee outage.

No other ecobee implementation is as reliable…

Refer to this thread for more details,

P.S. I know the Nest & ecobee APIs by heart, and I can tell you that the ecobee APIs are far superior and can achieve way more use cases (as indicated at the top of my thread).

And, ecobee is working on a new ecobee Cam and smoke alarm devices (to be released soon)…

Nest APIs are gone for good, and the new Google platform doesn’t seem for the moment to allow APIs access;for automation users, the ecobee choice is clear now.


BTW, the Nest servers have had a lot of issues in the past months too, but they don’t update their status page accordingly…I know first hand about it, and you know it as well.

Ecobee is a bit more transparent, even if it hurts their image…

Thank you for all the info. I think im going to have to sit tight for now with the nest and see what happens. Not long had it and don’t want to have to pay out again… the wife wouldn’t be pleased! :joy:

Same for Nest. Outages in the cloud do not affect local operation/schedules.

With Nest moving away from integrations, is this also the end of Nest My Next Manager?

I’m afraid so…

Verysorry to hear that, what a disappointment!

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Which link do I click on for nest thermostats and cameras?

You don’t click on any link. It is not currently possible to connect Nest products to SmartThings, ever since Google discontinued the Works With Nest program a few weeks ago.

so basically if you are on the old nest plan you can continue using NST manager, etc until they shut down Works with Nest completely, correct? Have they given a date on that?

I was just looking into converting my account to a google account so i can take advantage of the new plan as i have multiple cameras and it will save me a lot of money. then i did a little research b efore doing it luckily and found out it breaks work with nest and that is how i ended up here to figure out if it would affect smartthings integration.

i am really upset since i just bought a nest thermostat i was going to replace my ecobee with just so i could integrate with the smoke detectors and the new sensors for better prescence and away detection, etc. so basically no point of installing that now!