Oct 13, 2023 update messed up Leviton DZ15s z-wave switches

…all z-wave devices are having issues in slowness to response, but specifically my old z-wave Leviton DZ15S wall switches are now offline and I cannot get them up and running.

I noticed via the CLI that they are now listed just as z-wave and now have the “driver” drop-down, but I have no other driver to select. If I take the devices off the Smartthings hub, I cannot re-establish them… Smartthings cannot find them when I go into pairing mode.

Am I doomed to having to replace the DZ15Ss, I have about 15 of them?

What mobile device (brand and OS version and ST app vers) are you trying to pair them with? Have you tried another device such as tablet or iPad?

Do report the issue to ST

and you performed a z-wave exclusion on them?


Do you recall what they were using before (after the migration from Groovy DTH’s to Edge drivers)?

For what it’s worth I have two DZ15S switches. They were my first smart switches and have been doing their job in the garage for close to 5 years.

A couple of months ago, mine were automatically migrated from the stock Z-Wave Generic Switch DTH to the stock Z-Wave Switch Edge driver.

They are used in a couple of Routines triggered by an aging SmartThings motion sensor and are switched on and off probably a dozen times a day.


Hi @jkp

Sorry, ishould have included all of that. I’m getting the error in my SmartThings app on My Sony Android phone, which is running Sony’s latest version of Android 13. Smartthings is up to date and running the current version as well…

And yes I got the same problem across all of my smart things clients, laptops, tablets, etc.

I’ll definitely report this to smartthings, but I had a very frustrating weekend and just wound up buying Wi-Fi switches to replace a few of the key Z-Wave switches that failed.

Also yes, I performed a Z-Wave exclusion on them. I also tried Z-Wave repair, no luck.

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They were the Z-Wave generic switches.

That’s good to hear. I’ll be curious what happens if you try and install a new one, or have to reset one of your old ones. Mine are 5 years old as well, and they’ve been doing a lot of work over those 5 years. All that came to an end when the upgrade happened on the 13th.

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I decided a while back to quit installing new Z-wave devices. I had some really annoying Z-wave mesh issues when I hit about 25 devices (mostly in one room) that were solved by replacing about a quarter of them with Zigbee.

If I do any more smartening I’ll probably stick with Zigbee. At least until/unless Matter on SmartThings becomes less of a cluster…


I have only one of these switches that automates my whole house fan. I had the same issue and I just force removed it and then factory reset it and paired it again and it works fine now. I remember some weird combination of holding the paddle or something and blinking lights that I found on the forums that finally got them to reset.

Factory reset instructions

Old ST thread about firmware update.

1000% on the over 25 Zwave devices, but i was at 30 when stuff got wonky. I’m all in on Zigbee, 231 to be exact, and I’m down to just 2 Zwave devices. Best move I ever made was going with Zigbee!

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My deployment is more modest, my spreadsheet says I’ve got 54 devices with radios (i.e. not counting aux switches on 3-ways). Of those, 35 are Z-wave and 19 are Zigbee, and 4 of the Z-wave devices are not currently installed anywhere. I was able to reuse some of my Z-wave devices at the other end of the house.

With just a few exceptions I’ve stuck to only smartening wall switches for lighting and I’ve not bothered with the guest bedrooms and bath. Next thing I want to do is the lights in the TV room. There are two 3-way dimmers and I’m partial to the UX of Leviton dimmers in 3-ways. They had Zigbee models but it looks like they’re all-in with WiFi and Matter now.

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