Leviton DZ15S switch details

I have several DZ15S switches installed. Yesterday one of them went offline for the second time in a little over a week. I figure it must be faulty so I replaced it with another one. The new one is working but I noticed in the IDE that the new one does not show the Route or Metrics section in the device details. All my other DZ15S switches show this information.

Is this normal or is this device faulty too?

It is normal for that info to be missing for any newly added Z-wave device. If it doesn’t show up within a few hours, something is wrong.

Also suggest you check the firmware version on your DZ15S. I and several others had issues with Leviton Z-wave randomly dropping offline. Firmware version 1.20 fixed it for me. Search the forums for “LEVITON DZ15S”

Well, it was physically installed yesterday and added to the network, and then this morning I removed the device from my SmartThings and even factory reset it before I added it back in. As of 7:30 pm EST, it still does not show those items.

Is the firmware version from the ver section on the “Raw Description” line? If so, it is ver 1.18. I have 3 other switches at 1.18 and one at 1.15 and they display the route and metrics just fine.

I guess I will contact Leviton and raise the issue with them to see what they do. Out of curiosity though, how does a Z wave USB stick work? Does it generate a connection to the Z wave network from your computer so that you can push a firmware update to selective devices?


Got no suggestions. I’ve seen it take some time. Also that info is of questionable value so it’s not something I stress out about.

There are two possibilities

  1. The Z-wave stick can be joined to the SmartThings mesh as a secondary controller. It will see all the functioning Z-wave devices in the mesh. You’ll be able to select devices, then select firmware files to be pushed to the devices.
  2. The Z-wave stick can be an independent controller of its own mesh. In this approach you have to remove devices to be upgraded from the SmartThings mesh via exclusion and add them to the mesh controlled by the stick. Then you can do the upgrade, remove them from the stick’s mesh, and add back to the SmartThings mesh.

Although it’s less work and less disruptive, I’ve found the first method to be very hit or miss. Zooz does not recommend it last time I looked at their instructions.

If the firmware update is major, the device might need a factory reset after update.

The second method is hugely annoying as it wipes the device(s) out of all automations. But it’s the most reliable.

Yes, contact Leviton support. Not sure if it’s still the case but in the past they have provided loaner Z-wave sticks as well as the firmware files.

I did my Levitons the expensive way, by purchasing the Z-flash software from Homeseer and an S2-capable Z-wave stick from Zooz. Since then I’ve used the stick several times to upgrade other devices.

Thanks for the information. I just sent them the details on the support site and got a confirmation email of receipt. Now I just have to wait and see what they say.