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Leviton DZ15S reporting unavailable


I’m having a weird problem with a new Leviton DZ15S light switch that I just installed.

The switch operates normally as a manual switch. That part is good. But it’s not communicating properly with Smartthings. When I first installed it a week and half ago, everything seemed fine. But a few days ago, I noticed the weird behavior.

First, it seems to timeout. After some amount of time (that I haven’t figured out), Smartthings starts reporting that it is unavailable. I lose all ability to control it from Smartthings. If I tap the paddle, it will reconnect, sort of.

When the light it off, the app will report that it is off. I can then turn it on from the app. However, the status does not update, and I can’t turn it off from the app. Also, when I turn it on manually, the status does not update.

Any ideas why the switch is only sort-of interacting with Smartthings?

(jkp) #2

Have you run z-wave repair? Do you have a good z-wave signal to that device?


I tried running the repair utility, but it doesn’t seem to have done anything to help. Range and location are definitely good. There’s a door lock and a few Linear switches a few feet from this switch that work perfectly.


No other thoughts? Nobody else seen this issue?

(John S) #5

I’m having this same problem. I installed 8 of these Leviton DZ15S switches. Two of the switches work good. Five of them will become “Unavailable” in the app after a period of time. If I manually use the switches, they will become usable in the app again. And one of the switches will periodically become lost (no longer listed in the ST app). Anyone know how to solve the problem with switches becoming “Unavaialble”??

(John S) #6

I tried manually activating all the switches so that the “Unavailable” status was no longer there in the app by all the switches. Then I selected Repair z-wave Network from the app, which succeeded. After a period of time, the five switches became “Unavailable” again.

(John S) #7

I also tried moving ST hub farther away from wifi router, but this did not appear to help. I read somewhere that wifi routers can overwhelm z-wave devices.

(John S) #8

If I turn off “Device Health” in the app, then all the “Unavailable” messages go away and I appear to be able to control all the switches just fine. Looks like the device health feature is not working properly.