Leviton DZ15S reporting unavailable


I’m having a weird problem with a new Leviton DZ15S light switch that I just installed.

The switch operates normally as a manual switch. That part is good. But it’s not communicating properly with Smartthings. When I first installed it a week and half ago, everything seemed fine. But a few days ago, I noticed the weird behavior.

First, it seems to timeout. After some amount of time (that I haven’t figured out), Smartthings starts reporting that it is unavailable. I lose all ability to control it from Smartthings. If I tap the paddle, it will reconnect, sort of.

When the light it off, the app will report that it is off. I can then turn it on from the app. However, the status does not update, and I can’t turn it off from the app. Also, when I turn it on manually, the status does not update.

Any ideas why the switch is only sort-of interacting with Smartthings?

(jkp) #2

Have you run z-wave repair? Do you have a good z-wave signal to that device?


I tried running the repair utility, but it doesn’t seem to have done anything to help. Range and location are definitely good. There’s a door lock and a few Linear switches a few feet from this switch that work perfectly.


No other thoughts? Nobody else seen this issue?