[OBSOLETE] Zooz Zen21 Switch v3

Here’s the handler for the new version 3 Zen 21 paddle switch from @TheSmartestHouse, which you can read more about here: Zooz Z-Wave Plus On / Off Light Switch ZEN21 VER 4.0 - The Smartest House

The code is here…

Update: Fixed the paddle control and added association
Update: Added the firmware 3.01 stuff which includes full scene control


What does “turn switch on/off with any paddle” mean?

That means the light will change status no matter which paddle you press. So if light is off, it will turn on with either upper or lower paddle, and when it’s on, it will turn off with either paddle as well. This feature was recently requested by a few users so we added it to the latest firmware.

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Darn it! I missed that “any paddle” thing! I’ll be making an update for that later! Sorry about that folks!


@Automated_House, @TheSmartestHouse

DTH updated for the paddle control and also added association. Frankly I’d never used association before and I know there are other ways of doing it, but I have to admit, it is kinda cool. :slight_smile:

@nuttytree - Special thanks for your work in putting association into your GE handler. I ripped off your work for the most part. Imitation and flattery and all that… :smiley:


Posting here since I don’t see a thread for Zen22 v3. Having issues with scene control on zen22 v3
I have scene control enabled in classic smartthings app. I have your latest device handler updated 7/13/19.
I can see all 10 buttons in Automation or through ABC but I cannot get any of the scene control buttons to be registered.
No matter which I try none seem to show up as button presses in the log.
Device info shows 10 buttons. Ideas?

Forgot to post the released handler - sorry about that! (Zooz Zen22 Dimmer Switch v3)

As far as the scene buttons, I just did a fresh include and scene setup of mine and had no issues at all. If you go to the IDE and turn on live logging, even a simple single press up should generate an entry like this:
Parse returned [Zooz Zen22 Dimmer v3 Tap-Up-1 (button 1) pressed, Zooz Zen22 Dimmer v3 switch is on]
What shows up in the log when you do a press?

I’ll have to check. You mean in the live logging section or the device event list?
I think I checked in the live logging while troubleshooting and just saw “switch is on”
I’ll check again this evening.
Do I need to enable some detailed logging?
Still new to this kinda. Thanks for help!

Live logging in the IDE and you shouldn’t need to do anything special.

This is what I see when switch is pressed:

parse() >> zwave.parse(zw device: 07, command: 2003, payload: 01 )
Parse returned [Kitchen Dimmer switch is on, Kitchen Dimmer level is 1%]
routeEndpointEvent event name: switch, physical?: false
Property Changed event switch: on (source: DEVICE)

I tried deleting device and re-adding it to system but same results.

When you say you have the latest handler updated 7/13/19, where did you get that date? Until yesterday the change log only had 7/12/19 on it, although git would show you the change date as 7/13 (now it will show you some hours ago). Just want to make sure you have the right handler (although I’m guessing you do).

Now - I don’t see that routeEndpointEvent line(s) in my logging. I’m guessing you have a v3 hub? Mine is only v2, although I wouldn’t expect it to make much difference in general.

Can you post a screenshot of the device info from the IDE? Like this:

I have a v2 hub as well. I notice mine does not show “button” in current states as yours does.
I got the handler originally through a link on zooz site but since updated from the one on your Github.

I think I see the issue now. Mine is showing firmware 3.0 yours is 3.02
I wrongly assumed since I just bought it off Amazon a couple days ago it would ship with the latest.

Yep-that’ll do it. Scene control wasn’t added until 3.01 (http://www.support.getzooz.com/kb/article/297-zen22-dimmer-change-log/)

Assuming you got it from @TheSmartestHouse, reach out to them and see what they can do. They’re pretty awesome about that kind of stuff.

Unfortunately smartthings doesn’t support zwave firmware Ota yet so you’ll have to go through some hoops if you want to upgrade it yourself, but it can be updated to the latest firmware.

Hi @Joshua_Green, we can ship you a loaner stick and an OTA file to update the switch with the latest firmware if you were looking for the latest functionality.

We recommend looking at the product description making sure all of the features you’re looking for are listed since Zooz devices are often updated. Amazon’s inventory is the most challenging to control and it’s usually not possible to guarantee that you’ll receive a particular version of any product. For Zooz, we update the description once we sell through the old inventory completely, at least in theory since Amazon always keeps finding “lost” inventory and adding it back on the shelf.

For the ZEN21 VER. 3.0, we’re selling the 3.01 version on the website and that has scene control capability built into it. The 3.02 is not in production yet, we estimate to introduce it by the end of the summer.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions!

Thanks. Contact you guys on the link you provided?
Definitely interested in updating it.

Yes! Just include your Amazon order number and request the latest firmware with a loaner stick and we’ll take care of it.

Thanks to @doncaruana and @TheSmartestHouse
Got firmware stick and updated to 3.03 today.
Scene control seems to be working great now!

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That’s great to hear! Feel free to reach out to us with any questions going forward :slight_smile:

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I’m currently using this DTH and I’ve been having issues with double tap being inconsistently detected. I noticed that the execution location is showing as CLOUD even though the device has localControl = lcOn, could this be the cause?