[OBSOLETE] Zooz Zen23 Toggle Switch v3.0

Here is the handler for the newly released Zen23 toggle switch. It has numerous new parameters and also has not only association capability but also uses central scene for some scene control. You can use smart lighting or webcore to assign the scene buttons.

Update 7-12-19: Updated the handler to add all the v3.01 functionality (full scene control)


@doncaruana Is it possible to add your Github Repository to my Smartthings IDE so I can see when there are updates? If it is possible, what would I list for Owner, Name and Branch? Thanks.

In case you don’t already know how (sounds like you do, but just in case!), here’s some help on adding a repository in general: FAQ: Github Integration How to Add and Update from Repositories

For me, owner= doncaruana; name= SmartThings-doncaruana; branch= master

Thank you, this will be helpful

Do you have to update the firmware for each switch?

Since smartthings still doesn’t have Ota firmware updates for z-wave devices, you would have to manually update each switch you wanted to be updated.

How you do that can vary. I understand that zflash from home seer allows you to do that in bulk but I don’t have it nor do I know all that much about it.

I’m getting the Zooz zwave stick and trying it myself with their software.

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Awesome thanks.

I realize I have two repositories from you, for Zen21 and Zen23. Is that necessary?

Not sure what you mean by “repositories”. I only have one publish repository on github published (GitHub - doncaruana/SmartThings-doncaruana: SmartThings open-source DeviceTypeHandlers and SmartApps code). If you mean you have different handlers for the Zen21 and Zen23, then, yes, it’s necessary because they are different.

I’ve had the 21’s for awhile, but just added three 23’s. I wasn’t sure if ST knew how to differentiate between DTHs, so I added it again. I’m just clarifying if I only need to list it once, and ST will still see both drivers.


You only need one repository link. You can remove one of those. Both handlers will be seen by either link.

Cool, thanks!

Is there an update to this for the new app? I noticed none of my zen23 devices are showing up in the new app. They still show fine in the old app. thanks.

UPDATE: Got two connected. Just one doesn’t show up in the new app. So the DTH is fine. Not sure why this one switch is not showing up. Might have to re-connect it.

So I having trouble getting the advanced scene working with the SmartLighting Smartapp and this DH. Intended use.

1 click up - kitchen light on
2 clicks up - kitchen, kitchen table, sink lights on

@doncaruana Am I missing something

Sorry to revive an older post, but can anyone confirm that this DTH works with ver 4.0? I ordered a 4.0 switch in November and am finally getting around to installing it. I just realized that this seems to be the newest DTH for the Zen23 switch and is referenced on The Smartest House website. I would assume it works, but thought I’d check here first.

Double tapping doesn’t seem to work for me right now. I have Scene Control enabled and I’m trying to use Button 3 to trigger off of a double-tap on, but it just seems to come through as a single on switch action.