Zooz Zen22 Dimmer Switch v3

Whoops! Forgot to post this! Here’s the latest handler for the Zooz Zen22 dimmer. Note that is you have one with firmware 1.06 (released April of 2018), you should be able to upgrade the firmware all the way to the latest (3.02) and beyond.

As far as the switch, this is a great little switch with more features than most will ever use!! Make sure and check out the readme (it looks better than the embedded if you click the link).

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I recently installed 4 of these switches and this DTH. All of them show up in the Smartthings apps as buttons, but only 1 is giving me the option to choose a button number. The rest only lets me select the switch. Not sure if this is a problem with the device, the dth or smartthings hub or app. Any help would be appreciated

Nevermind, I forgot that you have to enable scene control within each switch’s settings.

Just got one of these installed and it’s working great. I’m immediately wishing for a few minor things…

  • Max dim only goes to 99%. Why not 100%? Mirroring via Smart Lighting works perfectly except everything else will only go up to 99. Would be nice if it could be configured to go up to 100 max.

  • When off, I would love if a double click on the down paddle could be configured to turn the switch on to minimum brightness.

  • When on, I would love if a double click on the down baddle could be configured to change the switch to minimum brightness.

I haven’t taken the plunge at modifying a device handler…are these kind of tweaks easy to do on one’s own?

The 99 vs 100 thing is actually a platform limitation. In reality, there is no “100%” - you can only set things from 0-99. That’s the zwave standard - any time you see 100% for a dimmable light, someone has pulled a software trick somewhere along the way.

That being said, I did just fix an issue with this (even the software trick wasn’t working right), so you should get 100% if you grab the latest.

As far as the double down taps, you might want to investigate the scene control, although I’m not quite sure you have the capability to do what your asking by having different values based on the switch on or off, unless maybe using webcore or something. Otherwise, I don’t know of a software trick to accomplish what you are asking.


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