[OBSOLETE: NEWER VERSION AVAILABLE] Konnected Security 2.0 - Connect Wired Alarm System Sensors and Siren to SmartThings - big update and new name!

Hi Everybody,
I’ve posted here and there a few times before about the NodeMCU ESP8266 based solution to connect wired alarm components (door/window sensors, motion sensors, smoke detectors and siren) to SmartThings for under $25. I’ve been promising big updates in the 2.0 release, and they are ready!

First, here’s a picture of the latest refinement of my solution, fresh with our new brand name, Konnected:

Thanks to the overwhelming support I’ve gotten for this project from this community, I’ve kept working on it. A little more than a month ago, I decided to work on a new version with the goal of making it plug-and-play, so I can make this project accessible to even the most non-technical users. Around the same time, another community member here, @copyninja, approached me with similar ideas and an offer of help. I’m proud to announce that @copyninja and I have teamed up to create Konnected, and now we’re ready to share it with you!

This ended up being a complete rewrite of my original app, although based on a lot of the same code.

Konnected Security 2.0

Key features

  • Connect wired contact sensors, motion sensors, smoke detectors to SmartThings. Reuse the existing wiring and sensors in your home.
  • Connects to an existing alarm system’s siren or alarm, triggering it via SmartThings.
  • Based on an inexpensive NodeMCU ESP8266 development board, which you can buy online for less than $10.
  • Each NodeMCU board supports up to 6 sensors or zones
  • If you’re building a new home, save a lot of money by using wired sensors and a few of these devices.
  • Still completely open source! We’re trying to monetize by selling kits, but you can build your own using the open source software on Github.

Updates Since v1.6

  • Plug-and-play! There’s no more code to edit or variables to upload. All configuration is done via the SmartThings App. We’re selling kits with Konnected Security software pre-loaded, so if you buy a kit from us, it’s truly plug and play!
  • OTA Updates: You can update the device to future versions or bug fixes automatically.
  • Faster & More Reliable: Reduced communication delay from up to 1 second to no more than 200ms. Lots of optimization of memory usage, greatly reducing reboots and connection timeouts.
  • Complete Documentation: Check out docs.konnected.io for detailed documentation (this is still a work in progress)

Unfortunately, however, since this is a complete re-write, there’s not an upgrade path from version 1.x to 2.0. If you were previously using version 1.x of my alarm system integration, you’ll have to delete all your sensors and add them back again following the Konnected Security Install Guide. Sorry :cry:

DIY Kits Shipping This Week!

I also announced previously that I was taking pre-orders for kits that would contain NodeMCU devices pre-loaded with this 2.0 software. They’re ready to ship this week! I still have some inventory from my initial supply, so check out the new Konnected store and order now because if you were thinking of trying this, now is the perfect time.

I’d like to give a big thank you to this SmartThings community and everyone who had participated on these threads. And an especially huge thank you to @copyninja who’s passion for SmartThings is as incredible as his software development skills. I’m loving working with you, partner :wink:

Please share your feedback if you try this! We’re serious about making this an ongoing project and an easy-to-use experience. We want to make smart home technology accessible to everyone. Your feedback is super helpful!


Hey this is awesome! Quick question it appears some of the links in Ye documentation are dead links. Such as installing the device handlers…

Thanks for this!

Good week Nate and Jason!

Someone had posted a breakout board for the NodeMCU that adds pins. Any plans to support this or is it counter to your idea of plug and play?

It will still be plug and play. There’s some redesign on the smartapp so it’ll take some time to get there. The plan is to use PCF8574 below, which will take up 2-3 pins in the NodeMCU board and add 8 usable pins. and the cool thing about this is you can chain it for up to 64 pins. However, no promises on when we will be ready with this yet.


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Very sorry for that.

it’s very similar to installing the SmartApp, except that you do the same steps in My Device Handler. Once you’re done,
open up your SmartThings app on your phone and into “Marketplace” > “SmartApps” > “My Apps” > “Konnected Security (Connect)”. It should be very simple at this point onwards.

One suggestion - would it be simple enough to branch this over to other platforms like home assistant, etc? Those may be a different sort of user base, but maybe worth considering? Too bad Wink is more problematic to work through, but wink users would also be a great target audience.

The documentation is still a work-in-progress! Sorry @jp12687 for that. I wanted to get this release announcement out sooner than later. I’ll be focusing on filling out the documentation site in a lot greater detail in the next couple weeks.

@Nhaley we’ve definitely thought about other platforms and integrations, yes! For now though, we’re focusing on this awesome SmartThings community. One step at a time!

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This is awesome! I am still running on V1.3 and it works great!! Is there any benefit to upgrade to Konnected Security 2.0?

I am not using sirens or smoke detectors, just door and motion sensors.

I just don’t want to risk messing up something that is already working if I upgrade, as you may recall, we disabled the internal pull-up resistor on my setup so I can continue using my regular alarm system along side the SmartThings integration

@kamran I think yours is a special setup so I wouldn’t change it if you’re still happy with it. Everyone else I recommend upgrading for the much improved ease of configuration and upgrading.

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Many Thanks For This!! I have ordered a kit to the UK. I have also ordered some spares from china should all go wrong. Looking forward to it arriving pre installed. I am a smartthings newbie migrating from my first attempt fibaro Lite…
I Have eight zones in total on my Honeywell Acenta 3 wired alarm system in which i installed myself, taking advantage of this system without losing it is a massive benefit to me as the price of your pre loaded kit averages the price of one P. I .R. or a decent z wave door contact. Bargain i must say and in purchasing system utilising one of them as a fire / smoke aswell. happy to just run 5 zones as some can be omitted but i ask is this something you may be working on?

Hi @Gazfawkes ,

Each board can support up to 6 sensors (or 5 sensors + 1 siren), so if you need a total of 8 zones, you can buy the “11-zone kit” that contains 2 boards: https://store.konnected.io/products/konnected-security-11-zone-wired-alarm-system-diy-kit

I see that you already placed an order for the 5-zone kit. Send me a PM or an email if you want to change it before it ships :grinning:

If I’ve got a spare board, how would you suggest I proceed?

Follow instructions to set board up, delete devices, connect new board, continue setup? Is there a good seemless way?

I only ask because my panel is in a really really tight spot and I have to dedicate most of a morning to get at it. I’d rather have a good game plan ahead of time :slight_smile:

I’m afraid you have to do that in order to upgrade from version 1.x

I just moved in to a new home that is pre-wired for an alarm system, however there is no existing panel installed at this time. I assume i would need to purchase and wire up a panel for this to work? What is the best panel to get for this setup since I will be starting from a fresh install completely?

If it’s already wired without a panel, you can go ahead and plug those wired sensors in into the nodeMCU. You don’t need to get a panel in order for this to work. You might need to purchase power supply separately. A 12V DC 2A would work fine.

Pre-orders from our Konnected store have shipped! Thank you all for your support!

I just got back from the post office dropping off most of the “Konnected Security 2.0” NodeMCU-based kits that you all pre-ordered from our store (a few are going out tomorrow). Exciting day! If you pre-ordered your kit or placed an order over the weekend, you should have your kit within a few days (if you’re in the U.S.). You will not be disappointed!

All of these kits are pre-loaded with Konnected Security 2.0. Just follow the setup documentation here to wire your sensors and set up the device. The documentation is still a work in progress, and I will be adding a lot more detail to these pages over the next week.

I still have some inventory ready to go from my initial order, and more are on the way from China, so if you were thinking of trying out this project, now’s a great time to place an order :wink:

@copyninja and I have a ton of great ideas for improvements, new features, and new/related products, so please continue to provide feedback, especially if you’ve tried the 2.0 release. I’m taking some time off in-between “real jobs” right now to focus full-time on this project! With your support, maybe, just maybe, we could make this a full-time venture with the goal of making low-cost, open-source home automation hardware accessible to all. If you’re excited about this vision, please consider donating to keep this momentum going!

Thanks again to this great community for making this happen!


Thanks for the update.
i spoke to a brother of mine about your work and he is also interested, i here today that he has spoken to a couple of friends and they too… so word is getting around in the UK. i personally can not wait…and will keep you posted on my install. Thanks a lot for your hard work and good luck to you both, well done.

@Nhaley if you have an extra board, set it up first with the 2.0 software and you can test opening and closing the door by just connecting and disconnecting a wire directly from pin DX to GND. You’ll see duplicate devices in ST for each sensor once you set up the new board. Then when you’re happy with the new setup, just swap out the boards in your alarm panel. Finally, delete the old devices from smartthings.

Thanks Nate, sounds nearly seemless!

Sorry if this is a silly question, but in the photo in original post, why are there so many wires still connected to the alarm panel? Other than TX, control panel and power, what is there? Or is the system partially switched over?