[RELEASE] Konnected 2.2.0 - Konnected Alarm Panel now in stock! wired alarm system integration

I have another big update for you all about the Konnected Alarm Panel, the successful Kickstarter project that I launched last year after starting Konnected right here on the ST Community forums in 2017. Konnected 2.2.0 is now available, and …

The Konnected Alarm Panel is now in stock!
After a few delays in manufacturing and sourcing materials, we’ve finally received a big shipment of inventory and are currently fulfilling all pre-orders. Order now on konnected.io to reserve yours.

12 wired zones connected to two 6-zone Konnected Alarm Panels

This is one Kickstarter backer’s 36 zone custom install. Wow!

Konnected’s SmartApp and Device Handlers seamlessly integrate with SmartThings, so now you can use your home’s pre-wired sensors for security with Smart Home Monitor and automation with all the power of SmartThings. And the best part is that there’s no monthly monitoring fee to make your alarm system useful anymore!

Konnected is an open source firmware and custom hardware built to integrate a wired alarm system with SmartThings. But it can also do so much more than alarm systems! The Konnected firmware and application based on the open source NodeMCU firmware can run on any NodeMCU ESP8266 dev board and provides plug and play integration with wired open/close sensors, “dry contact” relay modules, and now digital temperature and humidity sensors!

Connect up to 7 wired temperature & humidity sensors to one DIY NodeMCU board!

Check out our DIY kits and relay modules that integrate with SmartThings right out of the box with our custom DH - no programming required.

Modernize your keypads with Konnected & Actiontiles
One of our favorite benefits of converting your wired alarm system with Konnected is that you can replace your old keypads with beautiful and functional wall-mounted tablets.

Doesn’t this look way better than your 1990s keypad on the wall? Tablet on left is running a DAKboard screensaver. Right is ActionTiles as a whole-home control panel.

Konnected sells power converters and power supplies with adapters that let you charge the tablets using pre-existing wiring from your old keypad with a USB charger hidden behind the wall!

I would like to give a HUGE THANK YOU to this community for helping me make Konnected a reality. I’m now working on Konnected full-time and 100% dedicated to continuing to build affordable and innovative open source solutions for home automation. Thank you so much for your support!

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I’m order number 5500+ , Does this mean I will be getting a Konnected 2.2.0? Thanks for this awesome product I haven’t received mine but I can already tell it’s going to be great!!

Yes, we’re shipping 2.2.0 pre-loaded on all orders going out. You should get yours in a couple weeks. We’re working through pre-orders as fast as we can and then we’ll start shipping in real-time.

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Is there anyway to update the firmware without physically accessing the board? I have some in a sealed weather-proof box outside and others in my attic.

No. Sorry.

Is this is a critical update? Or do you think I can hold off till a future update?

That’s up to you. There are some security updates in the 2.2.0 release. If that’s important to you, then I would suggest updating. Functionality wise it’s not much different. Here are the release notes:


I saw recently that this is available for general order. I’m very interested in picking one up. I went to my alarm panel and found a sheet of paper that had basically ~28 devices connected into 8 zones. They are pretty much all open / close sensors. I don’t even think there are any break sensors at all?? I’m also not sure what the " represent. They are vertical lines on the sheet that I copied into the spreadsheet (image below).

Anyway I am planning on grouping windows together and then doors separately. So I think I need a 18 zone system?? does that look accurate?

Hey guys, Im trying to get some info on the system, ive tried reaching out on facebook and twitter but I dont seem to get any response there…

Im a little uninformed in how security systems work so Im hoping you can give me the information. Currently Im using a DSC system with envisilink card or mobile access, linked to a security company with mobile panic buttons.

  1. Will your system still link to an armed response service?
  2. I know this is WiFi based, but is it local or cloud execution?
  3. Will it still have a receiver for portable panic buttons? The things that look like garage/gate openers? or does the existing receiver just plug in a zone port?
  4. Can/will you ship to South Africa with the 2 or 3 pin power plug?
  5. Im assuming its only WiFi and not Z-wave therefor the frequency wont matter?


@heythisisnate received my Konnected Panel last week (4 board for 24 zones) and I’m about halfway through the install… just need to find the time to finish as it’s gone a bit slower than anticipated with my 3yo “helping”. Everything is working flawlessly and I’ve tied Konnected into ST, SHM, and my existing Action Tiles panels to replace my existing keypads with Amazon Fire HD 10 tablets and a piezo buzzer behind it. Pictures will be coming at a later date once the install is finished. I already have plans for other uses in my house such as garage and gates as well as getting family members setup in their homes… you’ve done fantastic work Nate!

In just a couple days using the device I do have one feature request to add to your list which I’m sure is growing fast with the high number of preorders you received. Also to note, I’m sure this could be done in WebCORE, but alas I’m not a developer and I haven’t yet thought of a way to do this with native ST functions or through IFTTT or Stringify.

It would be great to have a configurable option in Konnected to create a virtual switch that would “mute” the beep/blink piezo buzzer for a set amount of time. As a use case, went for a run this morning and woke my wife up because the piezo buzzer is louder than our old keypad for our “dumb” alarm system. As a workaround for now I’ve created a virtual switch called Mute Chime and set a condition for the Beep Beep beep/blink device to only activate if the Mute Chime switch is in off position. I then added the Mute Chime switch to my Action Tiles panel so I can mute the beep beep when exiting the house. The one thing I haven’t been able to do is setup a rule to turn Mute Chime back to the off position after a set period of time. I tried to do this in Stringify, but apparently it does not support beep/blink momentary devices. Do you know if I can setup the piezo buzzer as a siren in ST or will that cause an issue in Konnect smartapp or panel?

Thanks again for your work on this… it really takes ST to the next level!

Makes sense. You could group all window sensors into a single zone, but depends on the level of granularity you want. I’ve been debating this as well. On one hand I’d like to have granular notifications by room in the event of an intrusion or a sensor malfunction, but on the other hand grouping all sensors together or by first & second floor would allow my to display on my main panel within Action Tiles. What did you end up doing and any pros / cons that you’ve noticed?

Can anyone recommend some wired motion sensors/PIR for use with Konnected?

I have an alarm panel with 14 wired sensors whose functionality I want to preserve, while also connecting the wired sensors to an arduino and my SmartThings hub.

ogiewon mentioned that Konnected might be working on a variant which supported keeping your existing alarm panel operational?

Yes, it’s in beta testing now. I should have more details and will start taking pre-orders towards the end of August.


I already had some of these and they work fine work Konnected.

On ebay and amazon. Search for IS312 and DT8012F5

Big news for those following Konnected! We’ve just released a new integration with Noonlight that gives you 24/7 professional monitoring for your SmartThings connected devices (including Konnected!). See announcement here:

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@heythisisnate Will this solution be an add-on / update to the current Konnected alarm panel conversion kit or should I continue to wait for the announcement? I haven’t purchased Konnected just yet because I need to have a physical keypad to disarm my alarm.

It’s a totally new product.

Thanks for this info. I can’t wait to hear the announcement when it’s ready for release.

just setup in lest than an hour… i have 12 zones hooked up with motion and window door sensors, now waiting for my extra board for last 2 zones… working great…

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