Is there a smart home security panel that connects to wifi/zwave?

My house was built with hardwired motion sensors and door sensors with a security panel next to the front door. I don’t have a security service but figured since I already have motions sensors in every room it would be nice if I could replace the security panel with a panel that connects to wifi or zwave and can make use of all of the motions sensors.

Does such a thing exist? Is it possible to make use of the motion sensors already hardwired into my house via wifi or zwave?

There are quite a few threads on this topic on the community. If you have a Vista alarm panel you can integrate it with this appliance where it acts as another keypad:

If you want to completely remove the panel you can hook up the sensors via the Konnected:

You can even use the ST_Anything library to integrate your devices as well.

Again there are many other threads on alarm integration.

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If you want an easier way to search, you can try the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki, look at the bottom of that page for the project report section, and choose the list for “security.” That’s where you’ll find a topic threads on third party integration, including the various options that @ritchierich already mentioned. :sunglasses: