[Release] New product from Konnected! Connect a wired alarm system in parallel to SmartThings

I’m excited to finally announce today the availability of a new product by Konnected – the Konnected Alarm Panel INTERFACE. Available now starting at $99


This new product allows you to connect an existing wired alarm system in parallel with Konnected. This gives you the ability to monitor all of your wired zones in SmartThings, Home Assistant, OpenHAB or Hubitat just like the original Konnected product, but without interfering with the operation of your existing wired alarm.

The new board has special circuitry that lets it tap into any brand of wired alarm system sensor loop without interfering with the existing system. It’s designed to be connected in parallel with any type of wired open/close, motion, glass-break or other typical alarm system sensor (except for 2-wire smoke detectors) directly and at any EOL resistance value, therefore the brand or model of panel doesn’t matter.

Since the launch of our original Konnected Alarm Panel product a year ago, we’ve helped convert thousands of wired alarm systems all over the world to smart home systems. However, we heard from a lot of you that you wanted to keep your existing wired alarm and keypads but also wanted to be able to re-use those wired zones for automaton. This product is for you!

This is NOT a replacement or successor to the original Konnected Alarm Panel . It’s a new product with a different use case, and we will continue selling and supporting the original Konnected Alarm Panel as well as the new Konnected Alarm Panel INTERFACE for the foreseeable future.

See the full product description for a side-by-side comparison of this new Konnected product compared to the original Konnected Alarm Panel >>

We have a limited quantity from our first production run available now. Due to the busy holiday season, please allow 1 - 2 weeks for processing and shipment. We’re doing our best to get all orders out in time for the Christmas holiday, but this isn’t guaranteed.

I want to also extend a huge thank you to community member @blebson who was instrumental in the creation of this product, including the design of the hardware and circuitry. Thank you, Ben and welcome to the Konnected team!

Thank you to all the Konnected users out there who have been generous with their feedback, praise and criticism of our technology. Its your passion and excitement that keep us motivated to build more great products like this! Don’t be shy with your questions and feedback.


Hey, Nate, this is very exciting! I hope I can replace my envisalink with your konnected system.

Can a newbie, not familiar with alarm panels, ask a few very basic questions?

What does this mean:

“The Alarm Panel Interface does NOT have direct communication with the traditional panel and cannot natively monitor the armed/disarmed state of the alarm system.”
Q: Does this mean I can not see via konnected whether the system is armed/disarmed??


" Use the included relay module to trip a zone on your existing alarm system. This can be used to trigger an intrusion from your automation platform, or used to control a key switch to arm/disarm the traditional system* (Consult the programming guide from your existing system to determine if it has key switch capabilities. You may need an unused, available zone on your existing system to program a key switch. )
Q: I’d like to use smartthings to arm/disarm. I assume I can do this via Konnected? Or do I need to install a key switch?
Q: If I want to trip the alarm from another smartthings sensors, do I need to program my Panel?

Thanks !
P.S.> In case it matters: I have an Honeywell Vista 20p, where zones 2-5 are used for door/window open/close sensors. And there are 3 sirens attached.

If you’re planning to replace your system, then the other product might be a better solution, since it would basically use your sensor wiring going directly into the Konnected board, and you would arm / disarm the system via SmartThings.

This new “interface” as they’re calling it would be an attached board to your current system, so you can continue to use it and pass the sensor info into SmartThings to do something based on any of them being tripped. But you’re not replacing your panel or keypad, so SmartThings would still have no way of knowing whether or not the system is armed.

I’m was hoping to replace my envisalink, but keep my Honeywell Panel. I’ve had the envisalink now in two houses and it works great for remote arming, disarming, and also has a text/email function for alerts. But it’s still a stand alone system and not integrated with smartthings (I’m not tech savvy enough for the Envisalink DSC route).

Thanks for the explanation on how the interface works. I’ll need to think about whether that really serves my purpose.
From your understanding, can I remotely arm/disarm the system via the new konnected system?

Video demo just posted!


Good product! I was wondering if I can use the same wire that powers on the keypad and pigtail it so I can power on the tablet too using the 12v to 5v adapter.

I am interested in the Konnected Alarm Panel Pro 12-Zone Interface Kit. However, my existing system has 14 zones. Is it possible to expand the Alarm Panel Pro 12-zone interface kit?

The Konnected Alarm Panel Interface Kit is expandable from 6-24 zones but I don’t see the option to expand the Pro 12-zone interface kit.

All of the Konnected alarm panel products are infinitely expandable. Each module operates independently and you can use any combination of our 6-zone WiFi boards and 12-zone Pro boards to achieve any size system you want.
In your case, you can either use two 12-zone Pro boards (for a total of 24 zones) or a Pro board plus one 6-zone add-on board (for 18 zones).

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So one of the Alarm Panel Pro 12-zone plus one of the Alarm Panel Interface kits listed below?
I didn’t realize you could mix and match the different interface kits.

It seems like the 6-zone interface kit would be missing the features of the Pro kit like ethernet and PoE?

Konnected Alarm Panel Pro 12-Zone Interface Kit:

Konnected Alarm Panel Interface Kit