Connect any wired alarm system to SmartThings with Konnected - funded on Kickstarter in 2 hrs!

Connect Any Wired Alarm System to SmartThings


Does your home have a wired alarm system that you hardly use? Ever thought about how much money it would save you on wireless sensors and batteries if you could easily connect it to SmartThings?

Now you can with the new Konnected Alarm Panel that just launched on Kickstarter.

Hi there, I’m Nate, the creator of Konnected. You can meet me in the video there on the Kickstarter page. I’ve been a member of this community for about a year when I started working on a little project to connect my wired alarm system to SmartThings. I wasn’t using the old alarm system in my home, and I started thinking about ways that I could re-use my alarm system sensors so that I could monitor my home from my smartphone without paying monthly fees. I was surprised to find out that there wasn’t a way to easily do this with SmartThings, so I built it!

I’ve posted about it before here, here and here.

After incredible feedback from this community and LOTS of people asking me for help setting it up themselves, I started selling DIY kits online. In only a few months, I sold more than 500! After obsessively iterating on the product, I designed a custom “alarm panel” circuit board that replaces your old alarm system motherboard (i.e. Honeywell, Ademco, DSC, GE, Interlogix, Napco, etc – works with all brands!) and connects it to SmartThings.

People love to convert their wired system to SmartThings because:

  • You can monitor your home yourself with no recurring fees
  • Never replace batteries
  • Works seamlessly with Smart Home Monitor and all your SmartThings automations
  • Each sensor shows up natively just like any other sensor in SmartThings.
  • Wired sensors are more reliable than wireless
  • You can replace your old 1980s keypads with sleek tablets running ActionTiles
  • You can cancel your expensive alarm system monitoring contract and analog phone line

I launched the new product on Kickstarter yesterday, and we reached our $25k minimum funding goal in less than two hours! The new Konnected Alarm Panel is gearing up for production now, and you can still get one at the Kickstarter pre-order price.

Full features:

  • Connects to up to six wired sensors and one powered siren from your existing alarm system, or using inexpensive wired sensors in new builds.
  • Infinitely expandable by adding more modules. Each Konnected Alarm Panel module connects independently to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.
  • Works with all low-voltage Normally Open (NO) and Normally Closed (NC) wired sensors.
  • The on-board Wi-Fi chip works on Wi-Fi standard frequencies in every country
  • Door & Window contact sensors. Works with all common door and window contact sensors. These sensors do not require power or batteries and are virtually invisible when installed in the walls.
  • Motion & Glass-break sensors. The Konnected panel powers and monitors all common wired alarm system motion sensors and glass-break sensors.
  • Smoke & CO detectors. Many interconnected type smoke and CO detectors can also be used with Konnected. See our documentation for details.
  • Siren or Strobe. Powers and switches your wired alarm system siren or strobe when an intrusion is detected and on demand.
  • Door Chime or Beep. Play a sound or make a “beep beep” when a door is opened just like your old alarm system. But now that your home is a Smart Home, you can customize when and which doors to alert on. Konnected comes with a piezo buzzer for a simple “beep” sound.
  • Modular design. The Wi-Fi module is removable and replaceable. This enables upgrades and servicing without re-wiring.
  • Low power consumption. Use the included power adapter or piggyback power from the old alarm panel AUX power output. Also connects easily to off the shelf 12VDC backup batteries.
  • Mountable. Can be mounted on a wall or inside an alarm system enclosure (avoid metal enclosures to preserve Wi-Fi signal).
  • Backup battery available. We’re working on sourcing backup batteries for your Konnected installation. These should be available after this Kickstarter campaign.
  • Great Tech support. Thanks to the momentum from Kickstarter, we’re expanding our support team and offerings. We guarantee that you’ll be able to install this!

In the news:
SecurityInfoWatch - Konnected Alarm Panel turns wired security systems into smart home solutions - Konnected turns the old home alarm you already have into a smart alarm with no monthly fees

I can’t thank this fantastic SmartThings community enough for all of your feedback, encouragement, and support. I started this project as a little hobby for myself, and after only a few months ended up leaving my full-time job to turn this into a company. The response from Kickstarter was amazing yesterday, and great validation that the SmartThings community needs and wants this product.

Ask me anything! I’m here to help and answer questions.

Your fellow community developer,

Nate Clark


That’s awesome. Good luck, if I had a pre-existing alarm panel and sensors I’d back this in a second!


I’m glad to see this is going so well. Back when all this started I sorted of loosely followed along, but not in enough detail. Suddenly I find myself interested. I’ve had a wired and professionally monitored alarm system for 23 years now, but the kicker is that in all that time my monitoring company has never raised my rates, so I’m still paying the original rate of $23/mo…so I have no real incentive to ditch that service in favor of a new one. Given that, can I wire this in combination with my existing panel such that the latter continues to also receive inputs from all zones?

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Not at this time, sorry. Unless your alarm panel has programmable dry contact outputs, it’s not easy to set up in parallel. It’s something we’re considering for the future though.

I think Scout Alarm monitoring thru Smart Home Monitor is only $20/mo

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I have a 14 yr old ADT system that we pay way to much for,can this be used to replace it. The system is wireless.

No, it only works with the hardwired type of sensors. Not the wireless ones. See:

I guess I’ll wait.

Yes, but $3/mo isn’t enough of a difference for me to abandon a monitoring service with which I’m satisfied and that has earned my continued business.

In any event, thanks for the quick response.

Proud to be a backer and look forward to making use of my redundant alarm system! Well done guys!

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Is it possible to contact you personally regarding a new home construction project?

Otherwise, I can leave my contact information if that works for you.


Yes, happy to talk! Email me at

Nate do you ever have a trip to houston to visit the manufacturing facility? I noticed the installs are only available in florida.

I will probably be visiting Houston sometime in January or February, yes. I’m not licensed to install anything in your home, but I’d be happy to hang out!

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Sure, let me know if you have some time to kill once you get your trip planned.

I’m very interested in this product, however, I hoping version 2 will allow pass-through to my existing alarm panel so I can still maintain my third-party monitoring.

This is something we’re working on! Maybe mid-2018.

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That would meet my need perfectly, as I could still have my house monitored and use the existing contacts for integration into ST. I’ll be looking forward to purchasing that solution.

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Nate, what is the difference between the kit that is currently available on your website and the one that I can pre-order?

Since I’m in Houston can I just grab it off the factory floor? :joy:

I just bought a Konnected too. I have a Tuxedo panel with my Ademco system. Will I still be able to use it ?

I am also very interested in a pass through system. I am designing a system for my parents house & they would like to continue monitoring through ADT. They’ve had it for 15 yrs & still pay a reduced rate from when I was a salesman there. :grin: I am hoping to install there system mid 2018 so your timeframe sounds very good. Please keep us posted! & Congrats on ditching the full time job!!! :+1:t5:

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Hi just to be clear any wired magnetic contact door and window sensors switch will work and also any 12v motion sensors?
Thanks in advance