[OBSOLETE] Neo Coolcam Light Switch 2CH

I won’t be converting this DTH into an Edge Driver so it will stop working once the Groovy platform is retired.

This is a DTH for the Neo Coolcam Light Switch CH2 (NAS-SC02ZU-2 / NAS-SC02ZE-2).


Trying to switch to your device handlers as I like them more but I am having problems with this one. I am able to change it on the parent switch but I lose the child device… What am I doing wrong?

Nevermind the child devices were appearing out of my room… Everything works as expected.

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They now sell on Amazon directly, new listing:


Does the DH work with the new ST App? TIA!

Yes it does.

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In my new ST app i cant configure child device to work. do I need one more handler for child device?


I just released a new version that has a workaround ST added to all the built-in DTHs for multichannel devices.

I’m not sure if that will solve your problem, but try it and let me know…

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Thank you,

I tested it ant it is working now

Just to clarify, the change I made fixed the problem, correct?

Change you made fix the problem I hade with Models: NAS-SC02ZU-2 / NAS-SC02ZE-2.

I still have to find solution for first gen models.

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I have uninstalled all my switches 1ch and 2ch, removed all handlers I had and left only yours, then I installed first gen Neo 2ch switch and it worked too! Great job Kevin!!!


I wasn’t aware there were multiple versions of this device, but it’s good to know they both work…

Hi, Any Device Handler to work with 3 channels switch (z-wave Neo Coolcam obviously)?

Hi Kevin, I’m using your devide handler for my 2 gangs switches, it works very well, thanks.

I just bought some 3 gangs Z-wave switches from Neo Coolcam. Is it possible to get a modification for such devices? thank you so much in advance


I just contacted NEO and I’ll let you know what they say…

Hi Kevin, any news from Neo?? Is still possible to get such DH for 3 gang ZWave switches? Thanks in advance

I’ve asked them about this device multiple times, but they haven’t responded. If I wrote it as a parent device with a child device for each switch then it would have been easy to support a 3rd, but everything in the handler is based on the assumption there’s only one child so supporting the 3rd switch would require a lot of modifications.

Have you checked to see if it works with any of the built-in handlers?

Hi Kevin, yes, I tried several times with different multichannel DH. Do you have a preferred 3 gang switch DH to try?
When paired process stars, I found my Z-wave devide but nothing happens further as you can see in the enclosed pictures. Any other idea to solve the issue?

Sorry, I don’t have any 3 gang switches so I haven’t looked into any of the handlers that might support them.

Buona sera.Ho provato a caricarlo ma ottengo questa risposta:
Org.codehaus.groovy.control.MultipleCompilationErrorsException: avvio non riuscito: script_dth_metadata_a4d39fa1_a03d_4d91_8228_b2b8f6946e6d: 3: attesa EOF, trovato ‘)’ @ riga 3, colonna 41. i: NAS-SC02ZU-2 / errore NAS-2)
Cosa sbaglio?