Single gang double switch

I want to replace the switches in our bathroom with smart switches. We have a 3 gang box with two double switches and a single. The single switch controls the vanity light and is an easy replacement. The problem is the two double switches.

They both control functions within the ceiling unit. One double switch handles the main light, and exhaust, and the other controls the heater and the night light.

I have searched but have not been able to find a single gang smart switch that can control two things independently. But I may be using the wrong keywords.

Any suggestions?

You would have to use a mini relay. Here are a few on Amazon, look up the name and find the wiring diagram to see if it suits your need. You might find a dual or use two . The last shot is a dual relay


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Zooz has one of these coming out soon. See: Zooz double Z-Wave, single gang switch!

Inovelli is talking about making one as well but I don’t when that one is expected yet.


Neo Coolcam has one zwave model that works with SmartThings, but it tends to confuse people who think the top button is on and the bottom button is off. :disappointed_relieved:

[RELEASE] Neo Coolcam Light Switch 2CH

I would recommend waiting for the zooz or using the micro option instead. But some people really like the look of the Coolcam. Choice is good. :sunglasses:

BTW, this is a pretty common question, and there is a community FAQ that lists all of the options we’ve mentioned so far… :wink:

The topic title is a clickable link.

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I have a similar situation I’m looking at eventually. I’ll have to read through the linked thread. The two items directly linked so far at least for me wouldn’t work. One (Zooz) is a dimmer and switch, the other (Neo) has really bad reviews. The Aeotech option concerns me as to how jam-packed the box would be once all the pieces are in place.

So far I’ve been resigned to the idea of pulling the 2-gang box and replacing with a 3-gang once I get to that project.

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@JDRoberts Sorry missed the FAQ, I will take a look. I did see a similar switch, but my issue would be the box, It is a 3 gang box and the wall plate looks to be integrated with the switch, so it looks like they need individual switch boxes.

@joelw135 I also have limited space in the box but will look at the wiring diagram and see how they work. May be able to move the relay to the unit. Plenty of room there.

@iderdik Not sure the Zooz dimmer will work for me in this case but I will read up on it.

@Chris_Laudermilk the struggle is real for this problem.

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@TheSmartestHouse should be able to answer whether their switch will fit next to another in a triple gang box.

I agree the coolcam won’t work in that setup.

The aeotec nano is quite small, their dual is likely to be your best candidate for a micro.

1.7 x 1.6 x 0.8 inches

Check the specs on the heater, though, it may put you over the load limit.

I’m using Enerwave dual relay exactly for that. I bought a 2 pack ($65 total) giving me 4 outputs.
But no matter what you decide to use, check wattage for the heater.

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This also looks like a typical touch panel which can only be used in a single gang box, something to keep in mind when looking at this and similar products.

We typically don’t recommend using micro relays for fan use because they tend to malfunction over time due to the high inrush current in exhaust fans (which is much stronger than in seemingly larger ceiling fans), that’s across the board (but we were to pick, we’d go with Qubino or Fibaro).

The Double Switch will have a dimmer connecting to the light portion and an on/off switch connecting to the fan portion of the set-up. It’s a 15 A relay compared to 4 or 5 A per channel on the micro switches. The Double Switch should be out at the end of November but we’ll know more closer to the end of the month. We’ll post here once the release date is set.

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Can The Zooz double switch be used in a multi gang box next to other switches, or does it have an attached faceplate?

It’s a regular light switch with standard measurements and paddle so it will fit any standard switch box or decora plate and can be installed next to other switches just like the existing Zooz switches and most other Z-Wave wall switches.


This is a concern for my own eventual project. Part of why I’m thinking of just knocking a bigger hole in the wall for a 3-gang. Sadly, it’s an older light/fan/heater unit so I have no idea what the specs are and don’t want to replace it when I go with the smart switches if I can avoid it.

Mike, I’ll bet if you can fit those retrofit units in your box, you could use them for the dual switches and put the heater on the stand alone switch.

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