[OBSOLETE] Neo Coolcam Light Switch 2CH

You either didn’t copy all the code, you copied something that wasn’t part of the code, or you’re trying to create it as a Smart App instead of device type…

If you click the Raw link on the GitHub page for the code it displays just the code which makes it easier to copy.

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HI All,
I have EU version of 3CH from Neo and Aeotec suggested to use below handler. It worked for me.


i am also looking for 3ch DH as i have all neo coolcam it works but 3channel dont .how you get it work with smartthing @Mateusz_Z

Hi there,

I used standard handler for

“Z-Wave Multi Metering Switch” and included fingerprints of my device and it worked and generated child devices for 2nd and 3rd channel.

works fine.


thanks @Mateusz_Z I will try the same .

i try to delete the old connection and add z-wave new device but I see the same switch, no child switch, i am missing anything.

i am i missing anything

Anyone created LUA driver for Neo switch 2CH, 3CH?

I won’t be converting the Neo Coolcam Light Switch DTH into an Edge Driver so the device might stop working when the Groovy platform is retired.

I have 2 Neo Coolcam wall switches like this. One is a 1 channel and the other is a two-channel switch.
The 1 channel switch: I can switch it on, but it turns off again after a few seconds. Is there a specific Edge driver for these switches? I used them in Domoticz previously where I could also configure the color of the led rings.

You could try @Mariano_Colmenarejo 's “Z -wave switch and child Mc” driver. If that doesn’t work, post the fingerprints (mfg code and model).

For the single channel version the driver “SmartThings driver for Z-Wave switch devices” seems to work, but I haven’t found a working driver for the 2 channel version yet. It would also be nice if the Led settings could be used. I will make a log in the coming days.

The driver for 1 and 2 gang is Z-Wave Switch in the beta channel here

To configure LEDs use info in instructions with the Z-Wave Device Config Mc by Mariano here