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[RELEASE] Neo Coolcam / MCO Z-Wave Light Switch



This device handler is for the NEO Coolcam / MCO Z-Wave Light Switch and I have tested to work for the following:

  • NEO Coolcam Z-Wave Light Switch (Tested on EU-1/2 Gang)
  • MCO Home Z-Wave Light Switch (Tested on MH-312-EU only, let me know if it works for other series)


  • Auto-create child device (switch) for the 2nd/3rd/4th Gang (for multi-channel light switch) and control individual switch. No need additional virtual switch or smartapp binding.
  • 2-way status reporting
  • Customize refresh interval (under main/parent device’s settings) for device which doesn’t report status

Please feel free to try and let me know your feedback, suggestions.

Install these two (2) device handlers (parent & child):

Update 1:
I have another version for Neo Coolcam that comes with additional configuration

  • Enable/disable ON/OFF backlit light
  • Whether the ON/OFF state should be remembered

Install the following 2 device handlers instead…



GitHub Repository Integration

Owner: hongtat
Name: AwfullySmart
Branch: master

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(Udo Van Peursem) #2

Dear Hongtat,

by pure coincendence, I just today installed the Neo Coolcam Light Switch and was hoping someone would write a device handler, so guess that’s my luck.

I am not sure which device handler to use, what is the distinction between the two?

Thanks for your help (and the device handler).


Have to install both, and select “Z-Wave Light Switch Multichannel”, not child. Then tap on “Configure” to configure it.

(Luis Bañuelas) #4

I have a Neo coolcam 2-CH switch, when I first added it to the network it appeared as a z wave device multichannel and I was able just to manipulate one switch, then I found your code and installed it, then I just changed the device type on my smarthings website to the one that was created when I installed the code, the interface changed (got a similar screen as the one you posted) but I got only one button and still can manipulate only one switch, I don´t know if I have to exclude the device and then add it again with your code already installed… I´m using the US version.


Yes. This is correct. Use the other switch to on/off the CH2.

For example.

  • 1-CH = 1 individually controlled switch in SmartThings
  • 2-CH = 2 individually controlled switch in SmartThings
  • 3-CH = 3 individually controlled switch in SmartThings
  • 4-CH = 4 individually controlled switch in SmartThings

(Mindaugas) #6

Do I need also to buy a Z-Wave Plus Gateway by Neo Coolcam? Or I can connect this switch straight to Smartthings?


It connects straight to SmartThings.

(Kiarash Gholizadeh) #8

Have to say that these Neo coolcam products are so easy and fast to pair…the hub even finds the when im about 15m away.
And cheap


Does this switch need a neutral?

(Kiarash Gholizadeh) #10

Yes it does!

(Steven Lenz) #11

Any support for the Neo Coolcam Z-wave smart power plug?

(Kiarash Gholizadeh) #12

Use this handler

(rastatuxtrini) #13

When I tap Configure, nothing happens, no config options come up. I am using the Neo Coolcam 2-CH US version. While looking at the code I did notice that the model is different, code has 108B, Smartthings device info has 008B.

Any help will be appreciated.


There are no options in Configure - just tap it and it configures automatically.

Different model id is fine.

(rastatuxtrini) #15

Thanks for your reply!

Unfortunately, I am still stuck, :frowning:

Here is what I did
Removed all I did before to start from scratch.
When I Add a Thing, the switch and 2 endpoints are detected, renamed them and tap Done.
Changed the switch type to Z-Wave Light Switch Multichannel.
Tap Configure.

Now there is only the switch and no endpoints so I can only control 1 CH.

Am I missing a step / doing something incorrectly?

(Kiarash Gholizadeh) #16

I created a virtual switch and assigned the second switch to it, works great like that

(rastatuxtrini) #17

I wish to thank all who offered advice. The fix was to delete the original Child devices and the the 2nd channel control was automatically created. Thanks to @Bichi for providing this info in reply to my earlier PM.

Again Thanks to All!!

(Florin Angelescu) #18


I think everybody appreciates that you shared this handler with the community, but it still lacks a lot of documentation or sensitive info.
What is the difference between the parent and the child? What is the purpose of both handlers since usually you rely on a single device handler to do its job?
You can include some info on the necessary steps in order to ensure a proper configuration of them both.

Kind regards!


This explains the difference.

Because this is a multi-channel device, it would require either a single DTH + SmartApp + virtual switches or Parent/Child (composite) DTH to handle the multiple endpoints.

(Florin Angelescu) #20

Thanks! All clear now.