[OBSOLETE] Garadget (Connect)

I am releasing the Garadget (Connect) smartapp and device handler for the Garadget Garage Door Futurizer, order yours on now.

This is release v1.1 which includes correct call for US/EU API servers, this release is prior to the Garadget Device Release, there are still outstanding a couple of minor changes which i am looking to perfect in the coming weeks.

full install instructions are available in the read me

oAuth needs to be enabled in the smartapp settings after you install the smartapp via the IDE.

you can also install via Github Integration using the following repository settings

Namespace: fuzzysb
Repository: Garadget
Branch: master

Countless hours have been dedicated to updating this smartapp and associated device type, if you use this and find it useful please consider donating, this aids in further development and support. Any and all donations would be very much appreciated.


Hello @Fuzzylogic. I just installed a Garadget and wanted to see if I could get it integrated with my SmartThings v2. I have tried installing device types before, but didn’t have much luck with it. I currently have many zwave devices, but no custom device types or smart apps installed. I could really use some specific instructions on how to use this.

First, I went to https://graph.api.smartthings.com/ide/devices, and added a new device handler. I copied your device handler code and pasted it into the “from code” form. I published it “For Me”.

Second, I went to https://graph.api.smartthings.com/ide/apps, and added a new smart app. I copied your smart app code and pasted it into the “from code” form. I published it “For Me”.

Both of those things show up where I expect them. oAuth shows as true. Now what? How do I get this to show up in my SmartThings app?
I think I need to assign it to a location (Home). When I do that, it prompts me for my Garadget account info, but then comes back with the following error:
groovyx.net.http.HttpResponseException: Unauthorized

Am I doing it wrong? :slight_smile:

yes its all fine up to the last step, what you need to do is from within the smartthings phone application click on marketplace and then smartapps and you will see a section called My Apps go into there and then you will see the Garadget Application. you then just need to follow the steps to link your account and select which Garadget devices you want to integrate with smartthings which will create a device for each one you select.

if you have any problems, please pm me the portion of the log when you attempt to this to troubleshoot further


Got it! I swear I looked there before, but somehow didn’t notice a My Apps section. Thanks!

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You probably don’t need this anymore, but just in case someone else comes across this thread with a similar question, here’s the FAQ for installing custom code:

@Fuzzyligic, thanks for your code. As is I wasn’t able to add my garage door to any SmartThing routines. By adding the following code to your device handler SmartThings now sees my Garadget as a garage door opener. I am now able to set routines, like closing the door at night, etc. Just add the capability to the others at the top of the list and the two extra definitions for open and close at the bottom with your on and off definitions. Please add this to your code above so others can have the same functionality. Thanks.

capability “Garage Door Control”

def open() {
log.debug "Executing ‘on’"

def close() {
log.debug "Executing ‘off’"

Thanks for your feedback its difficult to know exactly as i don’t have a garage door opener that i actually use :slight_smile: anyway i have updated the device handler with a couple of changes including yours

This works but the lag on event reporting greatly impacts the usage scenarios’ effectiveness IMHO.

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I installed the DTH and the Smart app. When i go to integration an error message comes up ." unable to complete page configuration" where am going wrong?. please help me on this.

Thanks got it done

I integrated the garage door openers with ST inside the house close to my hub. Then I disconnected to install in the garage. They work fine within the ST app. It shows status as inactive in the “https://graph-na02-useast1.api.smartthings.com/device/list” Any suggestions ?

the inactive status in the IDE is not anything to worry about for cloud devices, that specifically relates to Zwave or Zigbee heartbeats, all my cloud devices all show Inactive and work fine, hell even my Philips Hue lights connected by the Hue Hub do as well.

but as said nothing at all to worry about or fix

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Hey there. Why is the report or notification lagging. So when the garage is open then certain lights switch on to warn me incase i forget.
Love the intergration but the lag makes routines a buzz kill.
Would love to donate by the way

@Dechlan_jacobs I have been meaning to revisit this as Smartthings Still havent fixed the Delay or DelayBetween Commands, as this handler was refreshing as soon as the Door Moving Time has elapsed.

As an workarorund/Improvement i have scheduled the refresh now to run every 1 minute which is the minimum ST will now allow with the standard schedule commands. this is the best i can currently do with ST Limitations, but it should be a big improvement on the existing version. The updated version is now on Github so please update.

Wow thank you for the quick response… Will try now

Just a question. Is there any way to just indicate when the garage is open. I get numerous notifications that the garage is opening. and still when it is left open it still sais opening?

@Dechlan_jacobs The status immediately shows opening when you request the state to change. The garadget device doesn’t show as open until the door moving time has elapsed.
I had programmed a status refresh to occur after a delay that matched the door moving time. But the delay function is broken in ST and has been for quite some time now and I doubt it will work any time soon.

So with the new version I pushed yesterday if the garage door opening is triggered the status is immediately shown as opening and at the next refresh up to a minute later, as it refreshes every minute the status will change to open if the garage door is still open at that point.

I don’t see how else this can be achieved easily without the delay functionality working.


Stuart Buchanan

Thank you very much for your hard work.
I was able to successfully add the app to my account. However, so far I’m not able to get it connected to my garadget account. When I enter my login credentials in Authorize connection page and press next, I get stuck in an empty page with Garadget (connect) title on top and Done on the rt upper corner. If I press done, I get Error - bad state. Unable to complete page configuration.

Please help me get it connected.
Thanks a lot

@drabulhoda PM me the log from Live Logging Under Garadget (Connect) when you attempt to add. this will help me troubleshoot for you

I’m getting the same issue.