How to pair US z-wave device with UK smartthings hub?

Hello guys

Does anyone have a solution for this:

  1. I’m using UK smartthings hub in EU.
  2. I have couple of US z-wave devices (gocontrol /linear garage door opneners, aeotec energy meter and others) that cant be finded by the hub (probably because the different frequences of z-wave in US and EU
  3. I definitly want to pair garage door openers thats important for me in the smartthings hub
  4. Is there any way to connect US z-wave devices with the UK hub?
  • maybe I have to buy from US hub from other vendor that works with linear/gocontrol and can be connected with smartthings hub? (kind a philips hue integration) ?
  • or maybe there is an other way to set up US device with UK hub?
  1. I dont want to have 2 smartthings hubs (UK and US) because I dont want to swith hub/or locations, it’s easy solution but its not working for me, till smartthings allow using two hubs on one location
  2. I cant replace the UK hub with US hub (it sounds easy too) cause I have EU z-wave door locks and I will have the same problem with it.

thanks for the help

It can’t be done. The frequency is set at the factory and cannot be changed. It is actually illegal to operate the US zwave frequency in the UK.

The reason why different regions have different frequencies for zwave is because they have different frequencies for first responder communication systems (like ambulances) and mobile phones, and these can interfere with each other. So you are supposed to select the hub for your specific region, and then all the devices that match the frequency of that hub exactly.

I understand your frustration, but one way or another you’ll need to end up with both a hub and devices that are on the UK frequency.


yup, afraid you’ve wasted you’re money.

Look into the Quibino dry contact relay for your garage door openers.

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Aeotec makes a zwave garage door controller on the UK zwave frequency which is quite popular:

There are also some UK members using garadget, which is not zwave, but can still integrate via cloud to cloud:

hello folks,

thanks for the ideas.

Yes my mistake.

I have gogogate it works but lacks of integration with smartthings.

thats why I ordered linear from US. Actualy I live in a village near captiol of Bulgaria and I dont give a f*ck about police the nearest police office is far away from my house, but it will be hard to integrate it I’ll sell it in ebay.

I ordered 2 sonoffs with some DIY it may work, otherwise I’ll order aeotec or garadget

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