Garadget - SmartThings compatible Garage Door Controller

Garadget is affordable, easy-to-install SmartThings compatible open source garage door controller.
After successfully funded and fulfilled crowdfunding campaign earlier this year it is now available for purchase at Tindie and other fine online retailers.

Uh…not “Tinder.” Which may be many things, but is not usually described as a “fine online retailer” although I suppose some people would consider that an appropriate description. :wink:


Doh… Edited, thanks.

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Do you already have a DTH created to link this to smartthings?

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Yes, Garadget/Smartthings integration was implemented by @Fuzzyligic.

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Using the new ST app on my iPhone, my garage door “device” (using Garadget “automation”, device handler and SmartApp) always reads “Checking Status”. It works fine in the ST classic app still. Any ideas ?

I just installed the native smart app integration. At first things work fine, but after a few hours, door status and requests timeout. Re-installing the app fixes it temporarily every time.

@garadget any ideas?

Please PM your device ID.
I’ll look through the logs to see what is going on with the timeouts.