Use geo-fence and car BT to open garage door(s) Garadget?

Disclaimer: 100% Newbie

I recently installed Garadget in one of my three garage bays. I’ve been loving having my garage door already open by the time I pull into the driveway. I’m looking forward to installing the remaining units for the other bays. I’m holding off on installation until I can figure out a more granular way to control what action(s) trigger door opening.

Everything works perfectly under the assumption that I’m in MY car and intend to park in MY garage bay. Things get complicated when I’m riding in my husband’s car, and don’t intend to open MY garage bay.

With what little I know of ways to provide more specificity, I thought if I could have a two requirement trigger to open MY door.

Would it be possible to have the open-door command fire when I enter the geofence AND my phone is connected to MY cars Bluetooth?

I appreciate any advice the more seasoned users have. I know I cannot be the only person using smart doors with a multi-car/ Multi-garage door household.

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It does seem like a problem that someone should’ve solved. :sunglasses: ( I’ve moved this thread to projects so you can get individualized responses based on your own set up.)

First things first… This may be obvious, but since this is a SmartThings forum, are you using the smartthings hub? And if so, are you using IFTTT to integrate garadget and smartthings or are you using A custom device type handler?

So this

Or this?

Assuming you have a SmartThings hub, an android phone, and are using IFTTT for the integration between smartthings and garadget, you should definitely be able to do what you’re asking with a combination of Tasker and sharpTools. @joshua_Lyon , the developer of sharptools, could probably say more.

If you’re using one of the custom device type handlers, you may want to bring Core into the picture, but I’m not quite sure how all that would work. You’re probably best off by first asking in the author thread where you got the code for the device type handler or in the core peer Assistance thread

If you’re not using a SmartThings hub, then you’ll probably need to go to a garadget forum instead.

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Assuming Garadget has a SmartThings device type and you are on Android, @JDRoberts is right that you can use Tasker + SharpTools for this. Let me know if you need more details…

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Further to @JDRoberts detailed post assuming you do have a smartthings hub and are using my garadget device handler to connect smarthings and garadget. Then really the only solution to achieve what you are after is to use Tasker with Smarttools and autolocation. But as stated this is only a solution for Android phones. I wouldn’t think it is possible at all using an iPhone.

The basic gist though is to create a geofence in autolocation in tasker, and use that as a trigger for the tasker profile. Then you can add if statements into the tasker actions to assess the BlueTooth connection and trigger the relavent garadget device for each bluetooth connection using the smarttools tasker plugin

You obviously would have to remove Any automation you have in place in ST also

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If the OP is using IFTTT for the integration, I would think they could still use a virtual switch as the “if” in the IFTTT applet and use the tasker/sharptools approach to flip that switch, right?

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Thank you JDRoberts for the very organized and thoughtful response.
I’m relieved to hear that there may be a way to achieve this, however I am completely overwhelmed by how to go about doing this.

I use the Smartthings hub.
I have Garadget linked with Smartthings using IFTTT with the Garadget channel. (I can use the custom handler if needed)
I have Tasker (although, I’ve never figured out how to use it)
I have SharpTools, and currently use the widget functionality.

All of the other custom home automation that I have currently, I’ve been able to implement by following detailed instructions provided by helpful community members. The suggested solution of using Tasker and SharpTools sounds daunting, but I am up for the challenge.

Are you aware of similar functionality that has been previously documented that I could follow to implement this solution? I’ll take anything that could help guide me.

Absolutely. If there’s a direct DTH, it’s generally preferred to remove the extra hop (and any potential issues) with having IFTTT in the middle.

How do you currently trigger your garage doors opening based on location?

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I am also very interested in this type of automation. Would love to be able to open garage door based on phone and car combination - my phone, my car = my door; my phone, wife’s car = wife’s door; wife’s phone, wife’s car = wife’s door; wife’s phone, my car = my door.

Any guidance in setting up the Tasker / SharpTools combination to accomplish this would certainly be appreciated!

Thanks much!!

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I would start by getting a separate Bluetooth Profile and location Profile setup in Tasker and make sure they are triggering a simple Action like displaying a notification. Once you have that working, you can combine the two Profiles and setup a Task to control your garage door.

If you are new to Tasker, I recommend taking things in steps like above to better understand how each component works before combining things. Otherwise if one small step isn’t working, you’ll pull your hair out trying to figure it out.

Your best bet is to post in one of the Tasker communities about getting the Profiles setup if you have questions as you’ll have a mucher broader audience who has probably already setup a similar Profile (the set of conditions with Bluetooth and Location).

The Action which sends the command to open the garage door is probably the easiest part as you just need to use the A Thing plugin from SharpTools and select your garage door from the Thing field and the open command from the Attribute list. I can help with that if you have questions and the examples on the SharpTools microsite might also be helpful:

Edit: And once you get the profile working on one phone, you should be able to export it and then re-import it on the other phone.

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