Help wanted: new device integration

Hello all,

I’m Denis - creator of Garadget.
Earlier this weekend Garadget’s crowdfunding campaign has surpassed its funding goal with weeks to go.

While the campaign is still live I’m looking for skilled smartthings community enthusiasts interested in helping develop the Smarthings Garadget integration.

Please reach out to me If you have experience creating smartthings apps and want to get involved in new exciting project.

If your REST API is xml or json and available over local lan I’m interested. PM me for details.

I have some experience of creating Smartthings Apps. If no one else takes you up on it I reckon I could take a stab at it. If you have an API. I can get ST to interface with it

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Hey @garadget

If you don’t object I’d love to have this be worked on collaboratively here in this thread, or another. Could be a Great learning opportunity for people wanting to know more about building a device type. Could even get it worked on @pstuart’s live code Friday’s a live broadcast show Patrick does (if Patrick wants to of course).

@obycode @Mike_Maxwell @Kristopher @yvesracine @joshua_lyon @btk


Thanks for your interest in helping with Garadget integration.
API is JSON but it’s not local. You can learn more about it at:

Garadget supports API functions to request the state change (open/close/stop) and set configuration parameters, variables to request info (door status, sensor confidence level, WiFi signal strength, current configuration etc) and events to notify about the door status changes.

Collaborative effort would be the best option.
Openness of the product was one of my major motivating factors for starting work on Garadget.

I don’t have too many units to ship, but if community can nominate a lead developer for integration I’ll be happy to send one today.

Thank you all for your support. Kickstarter indicates several backers from smartthings forum.

I have created a device type for the Garadget Device. the device type currently needs the Device ID and the Auth Token.

I have started also a Smartapp to manage the oauth and install the device types automatically… however i need to go back to the drawing board as i think i was trying to complete full web oauth integration with the platform. I am not sure this can be completed with ST?

I will take again a look at the oauth again afresh and try again, but if anyone else more experienced can look at the cloud API for particle and asses if full web authentication can be achieved with ST?

I will look again at this very soon soon

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ok i have completed the smartapp for this now, all looks good, i have done lots of testing.

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