Buying a new garage door opener

I had the GoControl and like everyone else it died after a year… I’ve decided to buy a new garage door opener mainly because I want one with a battery backup plus mine is fairly old.

I’d like to get one that I can natively connect to smartthings as well as the battery backup. Is my only choice the MyQ Chamberlain with custom handler? Any other options out there that’s not DIY?

Telguard Will look like a Z wave on/off switch. It was popular back when the go control sold for about $160, but once the price came down on that one, not as many people went for the telguard.

Although the original poster in the following thread was using IFTTT, you certainly don’t have to: it’s a Z wave device and connects to the smartthings hub same way as the gocontrol does.

Garadget is cloud to cloud, also pretty popular

Aeotec has a zwave one, but it’s hard to find on the US frequency. There are some EU members that have it. @TheSmartestHouse May know if Aeotec intends to distribute it on the US frequency.

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I’ve been running a Chamberlain with built-in MyQ and the MyQ Lite Handler for almost 2 years now without any real hiccups.

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When we last asked about it, Aeotec informed us they weren’t planning to release the product in the U.S. anytime soon.

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