[OBSOLETE] Fibaro Swipe

I won’t be converting the Fibaro Swipe DTH into an Edge Driver so it will stop working once the Groovy platform is retired

This is a device handler for the Fibaro Swipe Gesture Controller (FGGC-001).


  • Each gesture has a button associated with it that gets pushed every time that gesture is performed.

  • When the Clockwise or Counter-Clockwise Gestures are started, the button held event is created for the corresponding button number and the button pushed event is created when the gesture is stopped.

  • There’s a Label setting for each gesture that gets displayed on the device page so you can easily see all the gestures and what they’re being used for.

  • The device supports up to 6 custom sequences and there are settings that allow you to choose the 2 or 3 gestures that make up each sequence.

  • The Double Gestures cause a delay so there’s a setting that allows you to disable that feature.





Gestures and Button Numbers

  1. Up
  2. Down
  3. Left
  4. Right
  5. Clockwise Circle (button held start, button pushed stop)
  6. Counter-clockwise Circle (button held start, button pushed stop)
  7. Double Up
  8. Double Down
  9. Double Left
  10. Double Right
  11. Sequence 1 (custom 2 or 3 gesture sequence)
  12. Sequence 2 (custom 2 or 3 gesture sequence)
  13. Sequence 3 (custom 2 or 3 gesture sequence)
  14. Sequence 4 (custom 2 or 3 gesture sequence)
  15. Sequence 5 (custom 2 or 3 gesture sequence)
  16. Sequence 6 (custom 2 or 3 gesture sequence)

Menu Beeps and Inclusion

  • When you hold your hand in front of the device it enters the menu and makes this weird 3 tone beep. You may hear 1 loud beep before the 3 tone beep, but if it repeatedly makes that loud beep instead of entering the menu you should remove your hand, wait a few seconds, and then try again.

  • Once in the menu it will make a soft sound kind of like a click or chirp either once, twice, or three times to indicate the active menu option. Swipe up to select the active menu option, but if you don’t immediately hear 2 loud beeps you should swipe up again.

  • When you hear the 2 loud beeps after selecting the second menu option while including the device you may have to wait up to 30 seconds for SmartThings to report that it found the device.

  • The inclusion section of the manual shows a full hand parallel to the device, but that doesn’t seem to work if you have large hands. I’ve found that holding just your fingers in front of the center of the screen works better. I’ve also found that using just your fingers to perform the swipe action also works better.

  • If you’re having trouble getting into the menu and selecting the menu option you might want to try plugging the device in with the USB cable. After plugging it in you should wait at least 4 minutes to ensure that it’s detected that it’s been plugged in and has disabled the power saving features.

Other Tips

  • It’s easy to accidentally perform the gestures Up, Down, Left, and Right so you might not want to use them for anything or at least not anything important.

  • You can speed up the gesture recognition by disabling Double Swipe Gestures in the settings, but gestures that begin a sequence will still be slow.

  • The LED that indicates gesture recognition is located to the left of the “F” in the logo at the center of the screen. If you want to use this you have to enable it in the settings and you won’t be able to attach a photo to the device.


I hadn’t heard of this device before, now I’m contemplating what I would use it for. I’d have to have a pretty good use case at $149, but it’s pretty neat.

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Discussion of how people are using it is in the following thread. :sunglasses:

Thanks so much for posting this! I am really enjoying this device, thanks for your time here.

One question, I am using Core to set all these buttons as I don’t believe there is a actual app for this. When I set the clockwise option I just configure the button to pushed in core correct? Not held?

Thanks again!

All the buttons work with the Smart Lighting SmartApp and SmartThings Routines.

Buttons 1-4 also work with the Button Controller SmartApp.

The button held event is created when you start the circular rotation and the button pushed event is created when you stop so which one you use depends on when you want the piston to run.

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Hi, i have just installed the device handler and it Works great on smartthings, but wich smartapp i need to use? I install the button controller stock App, but only shows 4 buttons and cant assign 6. Can you help me to find the correct Smart App to use…? Thanks in advance…"

You can use Smart Lighting and Routines.

If those don’t provide enough functionality search the forum for CoRE.

Thanks… i try it… thanks


Just bought the device. Added it to my SmartThings hub and installed the device handler. The device is connected with Micro USB with pwoer savig disabled. All seems to be OK settings wise. I have set multiple lamps to trigger by buttons 1 to 4.

The problem is it does not seem to recognize gestures. Tried powering on and off a few times (with by unplugging from the battery back…)

Any ideas what I can do to troubleshoot. Also if you have experience - would it work from 2-3 meters distance?


Unfortunately, probably not. The exact distance depends on whether there are any materials in between, but it typically works best at between four and 8 cm.

You can see the distance in the official marketing video:

And in the following interview, a Fibaro staff member explained that the typical distance is 1 to 2 inches because otherwise they felt there would be too many false triggers just from people doing other things in the room.

The goal is to give you a touchless switch with many different options, not a controller to be operated from a distance.

Thank you JD. When trying from 2-3cm it does work better ut again it is a hit or miss. The other thing is it is quite slow - 5sec beween a beep and the laps actually turning on.

Anyway … thanks a lot for the help. The Swipe is already on its way back to Amazon.


The delay is usually only about 2-3 seconds if you have the double swipe option disabled.

i have the swipe and it registers a left,right,up,down and a double variant of those each.
But it will not accept a circle ,settings are correct and used the device handler.

  • Default orientation

  • power saving disabled

  • led mode disabled

  • all recognition (buzzer mode)

  • enable double swipe gestures on.

This topic is meant for the custom handler that’s in the first post.

if you’re having an issue with a different handler then you need to contact the person that wrote it.

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If you read all the instructions in the first you’ll see that this handler maps all the gestures to button numbers so if you select the device as a button then button 3 pushed is for swipe left and button 4 pushed is for swipe right.

Try the Button Controller app with the button numbers specified in the first post.

Here’s an idea that seems to work just find as an solution to “hide the ugly” of the unit using a shadowbox picture frame (Amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07XHRP8XL/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabc_7HUaGbWG1S9XT?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1) and inverting the unit to the front. Note that I was able to completely remove the battery back case and run straight USB power to the unit.


I can only post one media file at a time so in order to help I am posting a couple more here…

I won’t be converting the Fibaro Swipe DTH into an Edge Driver so it will stop working once the Groovy platform is retired.