Fibaro Swipe

Brand new to HA and not very technical so any help would be great.
I running Smartthings, the Harmony hub, and only about 10 leviton switches.
I got the Fibaro Swipe hoping I could run some scenes from it, it added fine I think.
I can see it, but I can’t see any way of configuring it to do anything?

I got it working with some help from one of the members in this post Fibaro Swipe
Thanks Garth


I’ve read the manual and as i can see there are multiple gestures possible. up down left right, circles for dimming stuff and you can MANUALY create up to 6 gestures (an combination up to 3 gestures; of ‘up down left right’), which in the video is used for making the alarm on/off. I think this is a great solution for on my hall to enable/disable the alarm (Yes i know if someone see’s it they can break in, but that counts for having a tablet with a 4 digit code too). I have a tablet on the hall right now, but this would be an invisible solution. By making the light in the hal change color or a short on/off i will notice if it works, so i don’t need a speaker on the hall to get the confirmation.

Anyone using this and would like to share their thoughts or could tell where they use it for?

Hi Brian, can you send me the files for swipe? Fibaro is being useless and pointing me to smartthings support.

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How far is the detection range? Seems like within 10cm?

Hi BryanLogan.
Can you send me the device driver files for Fibaro swipe?

Piotr Wardęcki 02 Jan 17

unfortunately I do not understand what you mean by the “driver file”.

We do not disclose any files for any devices.

Please consult with Smathings support if the module is compatible with your hub.

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I tempted to get the fibaro swipe, does smartthings detect it as a device now or are drivers still needed?


@thesmartesthouse can you help out on this question of “driver files” for the use of the Fibaro swipe with SmartThings? There are some people who have it working, but there are also people who don’t. I know that there are a number of people who would be interested in the device if it does work easily with SmartThings, and I know you carry it in your store. :sunglasses:

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Hi guys, so there seems to be some confusion regarding the mysterious “drivers” - from what we understand this is a device handler which was originally prepared by Fibaro’s engineers but was never published. If anyone needs the custom handler for Swipe, please contact us here:

In the meantime, we will work with Fibaro to create an official guide for Swipe integration with SmartThings, whether it will be a published handler or both a handler and a smart app. We’ll post here as soon as we work out a solution (we’ll be pushing Fibaro to have it done asap).


Yeah I dunno what’s wrong with this forum where some people struggled to find the drivers and won’t think that others might use their results and help…

Well I’m simply going to return this device and at some point I’ll replace ST with anything else that puts common sense and customer service before making mysteries of things… A device labeled as ST’s compatible and ST being, in fact, incompetent.

Hi BryanLogan, would you be able to send me the device handler for the swipe? - I would owe you a debt of gratitude :grinning:

Here is my swipe …

…unboxed and unloved …

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I’ve created a DTH for the Fibaro Swipe that allows you to use it as a button controller.


Hi Kevin,
I have the ST app crashing when I try to configure sequences (not the label).
I guess I can manage sequences in the graph API, but I am not sure of the syntax : is « Down / Up / Down / Left » OK ?
Thanks a lot

Android or iOS?

Have you tried saving the settings screen before using the drop downs to choose the sequence?

Does it show the list of sequences and crash when you choose one does it hang when it tries to display the option list?

I’m not sure if it will work, but you can try entering them through the IDE. Yes that’s the correct syntax, assuming you’re not entering « .

First all the best for 2018 !
I am on IOS. I can access the options, I can setup the sequence name. But when I clicl on the “>” to setup the sequences gestures it crashes
Thanks for your help

I don’t have iOS so this isn’t something I can troubleshoot, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it starts working again within the next couple if iOS updates.

Were you able to configure the sequences through the IDE?