[ST EDGE] [RELEASE] Ecolink Chime+Siren (ISZW7-ECO) (Manufacturer’s Driver)

There’s an driver for the Ecolink Chime+Siren (ISZW7-ECO) on Ecolink’s Edge Driver Channel.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Click the link above
  2. Log in with your Samsung Account
  3. Click the “Enroll” button next to your hub
  4. Click the “Available Drivers” button
  5. Click the “Install” button below Dome Siren
  6. Add the device

(Step 3 can take a while, but if it gets stuck try opening the original URL in a new browser tab)




The features below can be used from the device’s Details screen, Routines, and Rules.

Power Source
The device has a battery backup and the Power Source attribute changes from “AC Power Supply” to “Battery” when it’s unplugged so if your hub is connected to a UPS you can use this device to detect a power outage.

The switch state changes to “on” when the Siren, Chime, or Custom Sound is activated and the “off” command will stop whatever sound is being played.


  • Commands: siren/off
  • Sound (select from 7 options)
  • Volume (1-100)


  • Commands: chime/off
  • Sound (select from 26 options)
  • Volume (1-100)

Custom Sound
The device comes with 30 built-in sounds numbered 1-30 and if you use a microSD card you play your own custom mp3 files numbered 31-125.

  • Play Sound (plays the specified sound #)
  • Volume (1-100)

The “Volume” and “Sound” options get stored so unless you’re using different sounds and volumes there’s no need to set it in every Routine.



Device Details



Routines (IF)



Routines (THEN)



Thanks for the info on this edge driver! I just hooked this device up to my SmartThings v3 hub and all functions like you show in the images work correctly. The only thing I’m having an issue with is that the device does not show as a “siren” (or any device type for that matter) when attempting to configure a response action in SmartThings Home Monitor. Do you have any idea what could be causing that issue?

Same issue, device shows up and works fine from dashboard but is not a Siren options in the SmartThings Home Security Monitor

Home Security Monitor doesn’t support multicomponent drivers so it can’t tell that the device is a siren, but you should be able to select it as a Light or Switch.

The device has a setting that allows you to specify what action should be performed when the switch on command is executed.

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This is too bad. It actually doesn’t show as any sort of switch or light that’s controllable by STHM so far as I can tell.

You need to create a virtual light or a virtual siren/alarm, and then trigger this with a separate automation. Sloppy and complicated. I may end up returning the device.

Be aware of the potential for conflicts - if you are also using this as a chime for door open, and have STHM to alarm this on door open, the siren may not fire, even with the virtual option. At least it was not for me.

The sirens do not show up as lights either on my config

created stand alone siren scene and routines for now


Does anyone had success using the custom sounds from a micr0SD card using this driver? It seems the microSD card and custom sound is recognized and the device tries to play it (speaker makes a light «click» sound and the green led light flashes, but nothing comes out.)

I’ve tried everything and every format possible for the microSD card (FAT16, FAT32, 2GB partition, 8GB partition, full 32GB partition, etc) and for the wav files (8kHz, 16kHz, 32kHz, 44,1kHz, 16 bits, mono and stereo, etc.) with the same issue…

There is a green led light when inserting the card and if I name the files starting with an already existing sound (1 to 30) the sound gets replaced with the same light «click» sound and the green led light flashes. Everything acts like it should be working but it is not. I have two ISZW7-ECO and both do the same thing. I’ve also tested two microSD card and same issue, so it does not seem to be hardware related

Any ideas?