[OBSOLETE] Aeon Labs Multifunction Siren

If you’re looking for a solution with softer tones or chimes, take a look at this alternative option using an Android device and Bigtalker smart app.

I just ordered the Dome ZWave Siren which seems to have all the chime and siren related features built-in so they should be completely reliable. It’s arriving late this week so I’m hoping to have a device handler completed by Monday.

The only disadvantage I’m aware of so far is that it’s battery powered so it’s not a repeater. It’s also not a secure device, but based on everyone’s experience with the Aeon products, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

This might be a viable alternative if you’re still looking for something for chimes and a siren.

I’m running the smart alarm smart app with an iris keypad and a thirty second delay. Is the only way to delay the siren with rule machine? Or there a delay option in the device config?

The device doesn’t have anything like that built in, but the device handler has a feature that allows you to do that.

Set the “Stop Scheduled Beep After” setting to however long you want the delay to be and then enable the “Play Beep Schedule Before Sounding Alarm” option.

If you don’t want it to beep during that delay, set the “Scheduled Beep Every” field to a few seconds less than the “Stop Scheduled Beep After” field.

FYI: Rule Machine’s no longer supported by the developer so you should really switch to CoRE.

So I had issues with the siren working out of the box and resolved with a remove/reset. I used your code and got the GUI/features in the app but no sound. I went back to square one but now cannot get the device handler installed again. Can you give me a simple step by step. I hate to make this request as I am pretty good at figuring stuff out but looks like I am stuck on this one. Thanks in advance :wink:

You shouldn’t have to install the device handler again unless you deleted it through the IDE. If you did, you can go to the page with the code, click the raw button, and then copy everything on that page. Then go into the “My Device Types” section of the IDE, create a new device type handler by pasting the code into the From Code tab, and then publish it.

If you already have the device type handler installed, then try to get the device within a few feet of the hub and press the action button at least twice during the pairing process.

Opening Live Logging in the IDE before trying to pair it might generate some log messages that will shed some light on why it’s not working.

If you haven’t removed this DTH, you could try removing it to see if it pairs and functions with the default DTH. If it works you should be able to switch it back to my DTH, open and save the settings screen in the Mobile App and see if it continues to work.

If you were having problems from the start, it could be a faulty unit which seems to be happening to a lot of users lately.

If you don’t care about its secure command and repeating functionality, you might be better off returning it and getting the Dome Siren. The biggest drawback is that it only runs on batteries.

I’ve created a device handler for it, but I haven’t had a chance to build any of the repeating beep functionality yet.

Sorry for the delay in getting back. So I started over and have the siren paired and it’s working fine with the original code. I went into My Device Handlers and created a New Device Handler with your code. It shows the code but I am still only getting the options from the original code.

Thanks again for the great support Kevin!

Did you click the “publish” button?

You then need to go to “My Devices”, click the device name, click edit, and select the “Aeon Labs Multifunction Siren” from the Type field.

It’s not alphabetical, it will be near the bottom of the list

It’s working now…outstanding support on your contribution!

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I did that, but didn’t see “Aeon Labs Multifunction Siren” in the type field list and I also looked at the bottom. I did publish. The SmartApp shows up on my Note 5 in MyApps, but when I look at the actual Aeon device in Things it says no Smart Aps installed. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

You’re looking at the device details screen on the website, not the mobile app, right?

This is a Device Type so it shouldn’t be listed in “MyApps” or shown on the screen that you’re currently seeing “No SmartApps installed”.

I just tested to make sure, and you get an error if you try to install it in the My SmartApp section instead of the My Device Handlers section so I have no idea how it could possibly be shown in “MyApps”.

Got it fixed. Thanks for your comment, that was what I was missing.

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I am a newbie and trying to make it so that the ST motion sensor at my front door causes my Aeotec Gen 5 siren to beep 24/7.


When armed and away for the siren to function as a true siren and sound for two min.

I have published the device handler and associated it with the siren.

So far I am just trying to get it to beep like a door chime.

Under Automation I created a routine called door chime.
under what do you want to happen:
turn on these lights or switches: Aeon Siren
Automatically perform door chime when>something turns on or off>any of these switches> “which” does not list my front door motion sensor even though it is in my devices

What am I doing wrong?

I don’t believe you’ll be able to do this with Routines, but you can do it by setting up a custom monitor in Smart Home Monitor or use the SmartApp Speaker Notify with Sound.

With both of those SmartApps you can select the device as an audio device and then use the “Custom Message” option and type in beep for the message.

This will play the same sound as the device’s beep tile.

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HA! that worked using the SHM and custom sound “beep”

Now I am intrigued, how do I get it to play the other items like bell 1 & 2 or “someone is approaching” or “dogs barking” among just a few of the other cool sounds?

In custom message is “beep” the only thing you can put in there?

The Aeon Siren is just a siren so it can’t play other sounds and doesn’t even have a built in beep feature. The DTH simulates a beep by turning the siren on and off quickly.

Beep uses the “beep” settings you’ve specified in the device settings, but I believe you can also enter “custombeep1” through “custombeep6” to play the 6 preset beeps that are available as tiles when you open the device.

This post explains all the commands that can be used in that custom message field.

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It took me a month and a half to finally bite the bullet and replace my v1 hub with the new v2 hub. My first attempt a customBeep worked great. I hope it continues to work without issue. Thanks again for your Device Handlers and help along the way!

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Hi Everyone,

Newbie here. I’ve read much of the post here on how to get started but no success on getting my alarm to beep. I’m sure I screwed up some where.

Here’s what I did.

  1. Paired/Added Aeon Siren to smart things (tested and the alarm works )
  2. Added your device handler
  3. Added My Devices and added your Aeon Device Type.
  4. I can see your application and all the buttons, but can’t hear any alarm/beeps when I press the buttons.
  5. Looked at live logging, events are being received but no sound.

Any help is appreciated.

It sounds like either the device handler is sending secure commands and your device isn’t paired securely or vice versa.

If you pair the device before creating the device handler and then change the device handler in the IDE, the configuration doesn’t always run as expected which might explain why they’re out of sync.

If you open the device’s settings screen, tap done, and wait about 10 seconds, it might start working.

This is GREAT! I really appreciate your time, effort, and expertise on this project. I added it today and all works perfectly! We have it triggered by our ZWave smoke detectors as an additional alarm for the top floor of our home. The ‘different’ alarm assignment (#5) for it adds a very good ALERT. I look forward to configuring the remaining to maximize all.

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