Calling all community members: New SmartApp Ideas

There are already people using that model with SmartThings. :sunglasses: See the following thread. (This is a clickable link.)

Hello all.
I’m new to Smartthings and just picked up this Dome Siren -

It says it has ten tones and three volume levels, but getting it off its defaults is beyond my current capabilities. Can someone help? Thank you!!

Here is the manual detailing the parameter settings -

I’d normally provide a segment of code that you could try, but I looked through the manual and it supports features like keeping the siren on until the battery dies and disabling the device entirely so it’s probably best to wait for a device handler to be created.

This device has all the features I’ve been looking for in a battery powered siren so I just ordered one. If it arrives on Thursday like it’s supposed to, I should be able to have a fully functional device handler available by Monday.

The device handler I create should be similar to the others I’ve created:

  • GoControl/Linear Siren
  • Aeon Labs Multifunction Siren
  • Aeon Labs Aeotec Doorbell
  • Zipato/Phileo Multifunction Siren

I’m tracking this… I like your work.


Hot Seat

I’d like to see or get help making a smart app that would use a ST Multi sensor to determine if someone as sitting in it. The following was suggested to me in the Smart Chair thread.

But I have no clue how to go about this… or to even start. Any help getting going would be great!

I’m new to ST, but I got started with a Schalge deadbolt (Camelot) and have some other goodies on the way. I noticed in the door logging it shows which CODE has been used to open the door. I have a few ideas based on this…

It would be nice if I could use a smartapp to label the codes to a person and perform different things when different codes are used. In a basic sense it could just be a notification. If you extend that though you could do things like set a duress code that opens the lock but also triggers an alarm action. Ideally with the alarm vendor.

There are likely other things that could be extended.

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I’d like to see a standard routine that turns on Osram rgbw lights and sets color and brightness level. I bought Osrams with my hub (instead of Phillips Hue) because they are the ones recommended by Samsung. But I can only do what I want with a trigger. That only works for my “night lights” and is severely constrained by time of day. I’d like to change color based on my preference at the moment. I did build a mood cube with one of my multi-purpose sensors, but I’d really like to put that on the window I had intended it for. AND I can’t control all of my lights this way since I have different moods for different parts of the house.

In other words, what happened at Samsung where they recommend an inferior product in terms of available features?

Is it possible to create a smartapp to open a certain program on a LAN computer?
For example:
When running movie routine, it adjusts the lighting, turns on TV, and tells computer (connected to TV) to open netflix website or open a mp4 file.

Do a forum search for “Event Ghost” or “EventGhost”.

It’s quite powerful, even if it takes a little work to set up.


This is an old thread but apparently very active. I apologize if this has been addressed, but maybe this will make it easier; I am an amateur app developer (was a programmer in a previous life), but I’m very verbose in my writing so perhaps I’ll make this easy to understand.

I currently have all of the following working, though not necessarily together:

Logitech Harmony Hub
Samsung SmartThings Hubs v2
IFTTT account with lots of recipes (Maker, Calendar, GMail, ST, Hue, RSS, Android, Facebook services among others in use)
Google Home
Philips Hue with lights all over the house
Several Googlecast Audio’s (in a group)
Lots of home entertainment devices
Cox Homelife including monitoring, Kwikset 914 lock & Centralite Pearl thermostat (both Zigbee 1.2 HA apparently)
Raspberry Pi 3
Anova WiFi Sous-Vide
Ubuntu linux box with live DDNS domains hosting a few vhosts

I’ve managed to do lots of great stuff so far; my home entertainment control is pretty advanced, and I’m planning to integrate the Maker channel with my Pi to take the home entertainment control to the next level so I can get rid of most remote controls and get down to Google Voice for everything (currently the Harmony Activities for “increase volume” and “raise volume” to increase having to be alternated is annoying, and inability to just tell it what channel to go to by passing a number. That will be fixed soon because solutions for that exist). Great advice on that here: [HOW TO] Control Harmony hub using Google Home (individual button presses, not activities)

What I’m trying to do now though, and I think this is possible for the following reasons is:

Turn my Pearl thermostat which does NOT have an auto-changeover feature built-in but which can report temperature and can remotely (by Zigbee 1.2 HA command) change modes from heat to cool to off, to be turned into a more smart thermostat.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

  1. Disconnect my Centralite Pearl thermostat from Cox Homelife and connect it to the ST hub. Howto: Utilizing the Pearl Thermostat with Smartthings

  2. Use Google Calendar to create a series of “thermostat” events which have a single line in the description, something like “low_t:65;low_s:68;high_t:75;high_s:72”

  3. Create an IFTTT recipe that is triggered whenever an event called “thermostat” occurs that creates a Maker event and passes the description. That text would become the values in a webpage.

  4. Create a second IFTTT trigger would run based on a temperature value reported by the ST hub (using the thermostat) whenever it gets to a certain value. If the value is LESS than the “low_t” it sets the target temperature to “low_s” and turns the mode to HEAT.

  5. Create a third IFTT trigger for the opposite. It would run based on a temperature value reported by the ST hub, the same way, and if the value is MORE than the “high_t” it sets the target temperature to the “high_s” and turns the mode to A/C.

What am I forgetting?

This might have to create numerous triggers for each action - there’s an intermediate step for that that’s super easy (creating an email with all the trigger words in it and sending it to yourself and having each trigger run based on that keyword; I do this for other features where I wish it was more instant, but honestly, with this, the delay is not a big deal for thermostat control).

I live in Virginia Beach and the forecast today is 84° F; it’ll be in the low 50°’s tomorrow and was freezing only a few days ago. Wildly violent changes in temperature are normal, so having a flexible thermostat without having to manage it manually (and buy anything new) would be cool.

What am I leaving out? Is it going to be possible? Any ideas?

Sounds ambitious! :sunglasses: My first thought is that since you have a technical background, rather than basing everything on IFTTT recipes, you should look into core. It’s basically a scripting language for SmartThings.

You should find it easier to both write and maintain once you get into stacked conditionals.

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I think that’s a good idea. Sounds like fun!

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Just finished getting CoRE into my IDE and then onto my mobile app. This should theoretically be super easy. I’m excited!


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If you do run into any issues, you can post any questions about core in the core section of the forum, or just add your question to the end of the core peer assistance thread and there will be lots of people who will be glad to help you. :sunglasses:

I did not see an answer to your question… so just in case: you may want to look here:

I would like to see a SmartApp that will send me a text when the battery of a connected Thing gets below a specified %. I can see the battery level on my door locks and the FirstAlert smoke alarm, but I can’t find anything that will allow me to set up a notice that I need to change the batteries.

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These already exist. :sunglasses: You can find them on the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki under “wellness check.” I think the most popular is “simple device Viewer” but there are several of them.

If you haven’t used custom code before, it’s pretty simple – – you will copy the author’s code and then paste it into your own account. Here’s the FAQ for that:

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