NYCE tilt sensor

Hello I just recieved the NYCE Tit sensor today and it paired right up, shows open/close status however it takes about a minute to report if open or closed. I was planning on using this on my mailbox however I’m afraid that status change report is too long. Does anybody out there have one and can report back how well it works ? the model number I have is NCZ-3014-HA. Im just currently testing so its only about 5 foot from the hub right now. I did run a zwave repair after joining it thinking that would help but i still get the same results. Any ideas what I could be doing wrong? or is this just how theses work ?

I am really sure that is a TYPO !


Which part?

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Check the time in ide. Don’t judge it by the refresh time in the app, that has a delay.

Thanks @SBDOBRESCU in the ide under live logging it’s about a 4 second delay, not sure it if will work but I’ll give it a try.

Then you may be able to play with the handler. Try changing it to say ‘SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor’ handler. See if it works, you may be lucky to convert it into a local device.

@SBDOBRESCU local device won’t help me. Im still have version 1 hub. I put the tilt sensor in the mailbox last night, it’s just out of range :frowning: the smartthings Multipurpose Sensors work however they detect vibration, so everytime a school bus or garbage disposal truck drove by they go off. I really need to find a tilt sensor with longer range.

Ah, if you like the Smartsense better, then use this handler ‘SmartSense Garage Door Multi’ it should solve your acceleration problem.

I’m using an ecolink zwave open close sensor in my mailbox. Works great! And it’s one of those thick metal ones too.

@bamarayne Can you tell me how far away your mailbox is from the hub? Is your house siding? Brick? Right now I’m thinkingy my metal mailbox might be a problem, I see an OK looking plastic mailbox at home depot for 18 dollars, might be a better (cheaper) way for me to go.

The mailbox about 40 to 50 feet from the hub. The hub is on the second floor in the back of the house. The house is brick and the mailbox is a thick metal. I’m actually amazed that it works lol.

I have a shed in my back yard that has siding. It’s at least 75 ft away from the house and my house is brick and the light switches and garage door sensor work perfect from there in front of my house the mail box is only 50 ft away, but for some reason when I shut that mailbox I lose signal. It’s time for a new box anyway just hope a plastic box holds up in the winter.

@SBDOBRESCU, is that sensor zwave or zigbee?

I believe it’s zigbee

I’m using a zwave. Do you have any zwave you can use?

NYCE sensors are zigbee

I have smarthings multi sense that seemed to work better. Not sure if they are zwave or zigbee. I could put the nyce tilt sensor on my main garage door and move the smartthings multi sense to the mailbox. I’ll then have to change the device type to open /close as @SBDOBRESCU suggested to get rid of vibration detection. I took that multi sense off awhile ago to put on shed Door… Now I’m missing mailbox notification.

All SmartThings sensors are Centralite Zigbee.

Some sensors must be stronger then others, I went out and picked up a plastic mailbox, the reason I want to use the nyce sensor is because it’s so small seems like the mail man kept knocking off the smartthings sensor. Besides my old mailbox was looking a little beat up… At least that’s what I tell my wife to justify what I’m doing.


So on the paper NYCE is the champ. Here are the ranges on their specs sheets…

NYCE: up to 125m(400’) open field
Ecolink: up to 100’
SmartSense Multi: 50-130 feet

BUT if you look elsewhere, everyone says that zigbee has a shorter range than zwave. I like this guide best:

“ZigBee is somewhat faster that Z-Wave, and is generally cheaper to implement for device makers. However, ZigBee has a range of only 10 meters (35 feet) whereas Z-Wave can reach 30 meters (100 feet).”

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