Lowes have these tilt sensors for $14, but I couldn't get them to work

My local Lowes has these NYCE tilt sensors on sale for $14. Too bad they are the NCZ-3014 version. They pair successfully but don’t report the closed/open status properly. Anyone has any luck getting these to work?.

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Did you try the SmartThings device driver from here ?



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@luder888 do what @RLDreams said first, and if that doesn’t work, reach out to NYCE support via email. They are awesome! They helped me right away with their ceiling sensor.

Unfortunately still didn’t work with that driver. I have contacted support to see if they can help.

I don’t think these will work. I think you need the one that is sold in a box(new version) not a hanging card (Old version only works with Iris.)

I got a response from NYCE. One of the options is to RMA them the sensor and they will program it to Gen 2 for me.


Now that is what I call customer service!


These guys care about their business. It took them 6 hours on Saturday to fix the handler for the ceiling motion sensor, sent it to me and updated the file on their website. I was totally impressed.

That’s nothing. Sunday night, it took only 4 hours for my garage lights to come on after I opened the door! Now that’s fast!


I told you to get rid of your zwave sensors they are too slow. Have you had installed some zigbee sensors, your lights would have come up in only 3 hours and 58 minutes.


Ha! That door contact is a zigbee sensor!

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