Need help getting the new Samsung multi purpose sensor to work as a tilt sensor

Seems like this should be easy. I called support and they said I need an automation. I’ve looked around for that now but don’t see anything that helps. I can add the sensor and have it work as a contact sensor. When I check the ‘garage door’ setting it only shows closed regardless of orientation. I kind of feel like this is supposed to work out of the box with no additional development. I am using a v2 wired hub, and the smartthings classic app. Am I missing something?

maybe you mounted the sensor horizontally? It’s supposed to be vertical (longest dimension). I did the same thing 3 years ago

I have not stuck in on my garage door yet. I was testing on my desk to determine which way it needed to be mounted and it doesn’t work either way.

Any other ideas?


Did you check the settings page, click on the top right of the sensor page in the smartthings app?

I have an older smartthings multipurpose sensor, for the one I have you have to specify that it should be used as tilt by saying on garage door.

See screenshot

Yes, I mentioned I was using the garage door setting in my opening post. Other ideas? thanks,

Any other help?

I marked my newer versions of this Centralite/Smartsense/whatever they call it, multisensor which have coincell battery, as “failed” since they acted consistently unreliable in my testing.

I’d use another device, or try to find the older generation which takes 2x AAAA cells. Another device like [Ecolink Garage Door Tilt Sensor, White - TILTZWAVE2.5-ECO] or Monoprice Z-Wave Garage Door Sensor, NO LOGO

I have no experience with them but it would have to be better.

I have three ecolink tilt and they work well.

I have one in my mailbox and one on each garage door.

The one in the mailbox survives NY winters.

There is a possible reliability issue with the ball bearing in the tilt sensor.

I had one in which the ball sometimes got stuck, I threw that one out and have not had any issues since with the others.


I have just bought a new multi sensor to use on a v2 hub and it doesn’t seem to pick up the axis data at all. Its like the capability inst available at all. I am guessing the new sensor needs something that’s not in the old v2 multi sensors handler.

I dont know enough to start tweaking the code directly but someone mentioned maybe using the template builder to add the gyro (or whatever it’s called) capability to a handler that way.

Probably best to find a code guy though.