Best device type handler for tilt only? (Mailbox)

I’ve been using a multi sensor for open close functionality on our mailbox. Lately, we have a new mailman on our route and he has ripped part of the sensor off by shoving things incoherently into the mailbox several times.

Is there a specific device type I can use for tilt only? I was using smart sense virtual open close but then when I mow the grass or it gets windy the acceleration triggers alerts.

Lowe’s sells a NYCE tilt sensor that is ST certified and is a fairly low profile, so it should be a smaller target for the mailman :slight_smile:


I’d like to use one on mailbox but I doubt it will survive a NYC winter. “Indoor/Outdoor Indoor only”

The inside of mailboxes are usually well protected. However, If you get rain or snow in your mailbox (your mail is wet and soggy), you’ll want to chose something else. These aren’t so bad otherwise.

I appreciate the suggestions but I really don’t want to buy a new thing when I have a perfectly good sensor here. I just want to use it for tilt only. Is that not possible?

Also, I live in OH and this has been in my mailbox for 2 years and I’ve never had an issue with the weather.

It’s completely possible.

You just have to customize a Device Type Handler. The multi-sensor reports G force in 3 axes. With a little code you can make this conform to open/close… ie, Capability Contact Sensor.

Looking for help again, please. Finally broke down and got the NYCE tilt sensor that was being recommended to me. The mail arrived app doesn’t recognize it. What device type do I need to set it to?