Ecolink Tilt Sensor in Mailbox

I recently switched from Staples Connect (don’t laugh, I got it for free) and the only issue I have is with my mailbox sensor.
I have an EcoLink tilt sensor installed on the door of a metal mailbox. When the mailbox is closed, the metal shields the sensor so status changes aren’t received by the hub. This wasn’t an issue for the Staples Connect hub, if the door was closed before the hub received the change to closed, it picked up the closed state when the door first opens but not filly tilted and the open (tilted) state when the door is fully opened.
Although it could be a range issue I don’t think it is, as playing with the sensor seems to work from the location of the mailbox(and the ST hub is the same distance from the mailbox as the Staple’s hub was - about 65 feet).
It seems like SmartThings just isn’t picking up the momentary change from closed to open to closed.
Is there anything in the device that can be changed to increase the “sensitivity”. (not the right word, but hopefully you get the idea).
The Staple Connected hub worked 99% of the time regardless of whether the hub picked up the actual close of the mailbox. SmartThings never works if the sensor shows open when the door is physically closed and about 50% of the time when the sensor is in sync with the closed door.

If I can’t get this working, then I’m wondering if I could use a presence senor due to the shielding of the metal mailbox.

Thoughts on either would be greatly appreciated.

I wonder if this has to do with active/inactive devices.

I always wish ST had a method for handling devices that did not report in a timeframe…

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With a little more testing, it does appear to be a range/location issue.
If I test the sensor next to the mailbox, it works fine. Once mounted on the door, it’s very sporadic. Putting the hub on the sill of an open window made the reporting near 100%.
I moved the hub to the other end of my desk and it seems to respond much better (the hub really isn’t any closer, just 3 feet left of where it was before, go figure. I guess interference from something…)
If this remains inconsistent, I may try the presence sensor to see if I get any better results.(With my luck, it won’t be shielded enough and will always be present :grinning: )

Just in case anyone stumbles across this looking at mail notification. My tilt sensor is working about 75% of the time. Somehow it’s gotten a little better over the last week, but still not perfect. This would probably work without issue with a plastic mailbox or close that 65 feet from hub.
I tried the presence sensor and (as expected) it was NOT shielded by the metal, so it won’t work for this application.
The presence sensor was surprisingly slow to register a change. I was over 200 feet from my house (walking) before it showed as away. Then it didn’t display “present” until I entered my garage.
Not sure how reliable it’s going to be…